My New Internet Friend: ZONG

ZONG 4g & 3G InternetI am super excited as well as happy and I would call September 11th, 2015 a memorable day when I made a new friend.

Though 9/11 is marked as a black day when terrorists had hit WTC (World Trade Center) with airplanes in 2001 and I feel so sorry of the lost lives on that day…

For me, I broke 5-years old friendship chain on September 11th, 2015.

And that was my internet connection… an ever-long service I used to use. Continue reading…


These 17 Superstars Reveal Alexa Ranking Not Matters

Alexa Ranking Not Matters At AllWho does not know what is Alexa ranking?

I suppose you do, right?

If not, read this: How Important Is Alexa Ranking?

Now, you know it, right? Then, let’s get started.

Alexa ranking is still the indicator especially by the (most) advertisers. They mostly do judge the popularity and success level of a website by checking its Alexa ranking.

While it is an important aspect in monetization process but Alexa ranking can be easily manipulated. But okay, I am not going to go into details as how it can be manipulated rather than how effective and productive it is not caring about Alexa ranking.. at all. Continue reading…