Are you blogging for numbers?

Please Stop Blogging for Numbers

Blogging for numbers? Are you doing it? Thinking to do it? Wanting to do it? Compelled to do it? Not getting results as you think you don’t have good numbers? And so on… And on.. And on. The list of questions don’t stop popping up

Too tired to blog?

Are You So Very Tired to Blog?

Well, are you? Is that the case? It makes you tired? Or the post title makes you more tired than a minute before? Or is there something else? But, whatever the case is or could be; does anything make you feel tired when popping out

Why new bloggers should not join the blogging communities

Blogging Communities are NOT for New Bloggers

As we are in the blogging world, we know how powerful is a community founded and operating by fellow bloggers. It gives us an enormous coverage through actively participation, interacting with updates from other bloggers, visiting their posts, commenting, and sharing. It can and works

An image showing how those 4 shops turned my experience into a blog lesson

4 Shops Revealed a Blog Lesson on Me for You

Yeah, it is true what you are reading. I had a very rough, bad, outrageous, fuzzy, and worst day which made me super angry and still I am feeling it.. And that was nothing but a minor-est issue which imposed a destructing effect for me

An image showing text of my advice to a local business: Do not blog

Starting Local Business? Leave Idea of Blogging

Business is very hard to do in this age, especially in the third-generation countries where technology is still kicking off with very slower paces as compared to developed and under-developed countries. And wow! business on the base of total technology.. It’s a nightmare.. A horrendous