2 Tips to Rock Blogging Communities (Plus 14 Extra)

2 Tips to Rock Blogging Communities (plus 14 bonus tips)Blogging communities are often treated as a place to hang your blog link, your blog post and head down in the search of other blogging communities to repeat the same cycle of visiting and leaving links.

As we find out of blogging communities, we save their links on a text file or write them down in our notebooks to save the time in future. Or any other special way you store them. 🙂

Not only this but we always speak of those blogging communities to the people who think we are guru of blogging.

While it was a valid way back in the time (and for many it is the same now, but it shouldn’t be this. Like the same from back in the time. Continue reading…


How I Fooled Spam Comments: My Real Story

How I and You can fool the spam commentsOnce upon a time my blog was new and nothing was happening on it even after setting it up.  It kept sitting idle from August 2013 until March 2015 when I took command of it in my hands and started working on it.

Okay but I do want to inform you that it is the real story faced by me and it will be just that story I am about to share with no headings, sub-headings, bullet points, etc. Just the story with words.

<start of story>

By the time I resumed the activity on my blog, I started to get great comments from really awesome folks and for sometime I was hardly getting any random, irrelevant and spam comments. So I thought it is just it. I will NOT get any spam comment and I am not sure why I had that mindset built inside myself.
The time went by and I was into some months until early July with just handful amount of spam comments per week.

Then sometime struck back with much power. And it boggled my mind for few days. Everyday I logged-in into my dashboard, I kept noticing 50+ spam comments.

Wow…. 50+ comments, everyday.. without any breaks and intervals and strikes.

I thought like what to do now? How to actually deal with it?

I knew of a solution from long ago but had never implemented it at all because I never had a need to do so. Why?

Because I was not getting any spam comments until the tsunami of such comments struck the shores of my blog limits.

At first, I kind of believed that this solution won’t work. The spam comments were out of control that nobody in physical or virtual forms will ever control it.

But I went ahead with that solution. I did it all and registered and setup everything to make it in effect.
.. but I sighed after finishing the setup that if it will really work at all.. even the one percent.

So, I logged off to wrap up the day with a slight belief that it will work.

Next morning, I hopped on my inbox and noticed … zero spam comments..

It was a big “wow” in my heart!

To re-confirm if it was really the reality I logged-in into my blog dashboard and found… zero spam comments in spam queue in unapproved queue of comments.

Seriously the feel of it was as awesome as a kid sees his toy. 😀

So, what it really was that I setup?

What it really was that I knew it as a solution but was hesitant to implement it?

It was a WordPress plugin, a little but most-powerful spam killer plugin called “Akismet“.

This Akismet was my savior. And I salute to its creator and the team for making it available to the people and for keeping it free.

</end of story>

Thank you, Akismet!

Guys, do have it installed if you are going through getting loads of spam comments because if you don’t do it now, you will end up needing it sooner or later.

Now, Akismet is screening and detecting about 97% of spam comments itself and without me even getting noticed of it.

But one major drawback of Akismet is you have to still check the spam queue to un-spam some comments from real and genuine people as you know that blogging is the international thing and there are many countries and ISPs that are blacklisted in much of databases where Akismet finds the information about the commentators through their IP, name and email used. So, be careful about it if you do not or do not plan to check the spam queue. Do it because it needs a little effort to check out the comments from spam queue.

Thank you for reading the story, guys!