Why I am a Not-So Regular Blogger (And Who Actually are)

Yes, I am a not-so regular blogger from years.

I once read the word “blog” back in 2003.

Have been using the internet since 1998 but still, I’m a not-so regular blogger in 2017.

Yes, 2017 did help me a lot on the blog, but still, I am missing it a big time.

And I know what is involved in contributing to my not-so regular blogging thing.

What is making me the not-so regular blogger

There are many known to unknown items making up into the list.

First and foremost, consistency.

If you don’t have consistency (set schedule, mindset, and will), then you have nothing to complain about.

Consistency is the king.

And it is only achieved when you have the passion for becoming something. And in the field of blogging, the “authority” is the crown for every blogger.

But I am still the blogger (I guess), yes not a regular one.

I do have the problem of consistency. And other factors as well involved to stop me from becoming the ‘consistent‘ blogger.

OTHER FACTORS are so many.

Some personal. Or may be all personal.

Then why the heck I’m telling my story while I am not the consistent and regular blogger???

This post (and the story) is not about me.

It is about the two bloggers who are the regular and consistent blogger who have overcome all the barriers which stopped them to blog

And they are NOW the ‘authority’ blogger in the world.

Given examples of the true meaning of the blogging.

And they are the real blogger everyone should dream of to become alike.

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan is the blogging machine!

Seeing every where and always throwing up the great content to get inspired by the blogging.

Any query you got about the blogging? He has the solutions! The clear cut solutions!

Hop over his blog: Blogging From Paradise

Ravi Chahar

Ravi Chahar is the very talented blogger having the strong grip on the technical side of the WordPress.

From minor to advanced issues you come across with your WordPress installation, Ravi is your go-to guy!

He owns the art of writing the technical content in such the tone where it does not make you feel dizzy and bored. 🙂

Technical write-ups are too boring to read all the way down to the end. 🙂

And here’s his blog: BloggingLove

The end…

Don’t become to blog like Adeel. Become Ryan and Ravi and see your blog touching the highest layer of the sky!

Your turn

How’re you blogging?

Catch up with the video!

Happy blogging!


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Adeel Sami

I do blog. Live as a blogger and die as a blogger.

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Manish Kumar - July 18, 2017

Hi Adeel,

Truthful Post!

“Be Consistent” – This is one of the most popular blogging success mantras we read and hear day after day. Remember, consistency doesn’t happen over a day or two. It takes time to become a consistent blogger. Start today to work on these elements of your blogging process, and one day your blog will stand out as truly excellent.

If you run a blog, you need to be consistent. That means maintaining your blog posting schedule, no matter what comes.

Ryan and Ravi are perfect example of this.

I will tweet your post.

Thanks a lot for sharing.

Ravi Chahar - July 18, 2017

Hey Adeel,

Thanks for the mention.

It’s always good to see that people are growing and getting mentioned by someone is an amazing feeling.

I always believed in the consistency and that’s what I always look for. People need the technical things to be funny and easy to grab.

Keep the hard work and be successful.

Shantanu Sinha - July 18, 2017

Hi Adeel,

Great post here 🙂

Yeah consistency is the king and if we need to become a full time blogger and overcome all the barriers, our mind set should be focus upon our goals. I doubt that you are not regular blogger, I have learn so many things from from your side and it is always a pleasure to visit your site. Yeah sometimes personal problems to leave us behind in long run, but we need to stand up and continue to gain the pace, its not too bad to be a tortoise, as one can examine all the things which are going around him.

No, doubt Ryan and Ravi have reached the top most layer of the sky with overcoming all the barriers. Any problem about blogging, Ryan is the Guru. He has some super powers regarding with blogging. Ravi is you can say wikipedia for wordpress. Damn he is too good at it, but as you say I am too not a tech person so tech post always tend to slow me down.

Thanks for the share.


Ryan Biddulph - July 18, 2017

Thanks Adeel! Ravi is a fine example of being a rocking blogger; he is like clockwork. Everywhere I look, I see the guy. Super consistent, super persistent and you know he has a strong reason why he’s at it. That is the key. That is the difference maker.

Susan Velez - July 20, 2017

Hi Adeel,

Great post, I was actually reading a personal development book yesterday and it was talking about consistency. Now I land on this post, maybe that’s a sign? 🙂

Ryan and Ravi are two great bloggers. They are consistent and I see them everywhere. Great examples of some bloggers who are consistent.

I work hard on being consistent and can definitely learn a thing or two from both of them.

Thanks for sharing this with us, have a great day 🙂


Elvis Michael - July 20, 2017

The thing about Ravi and Ryan is…… well, they MUST be from another planet to maintain this level of consistency. There, I told the secret.

No but seriously. Kudos to those two pillars of the community.

And you’re right; it’s not always easy to practice what we preach. I tend to rely on to-do lists because they keep my “eyes on the prize,” so to speak. But sometimes they fail, because we’re only human.

We have personal issues, unexpected obstacles, surprise visits from friends and family, we occasionally get depressed. You get the idea…

Something I will practice (which i’ve never done before) is to put myself on a timer (by using one of those free timers online). It won’t be very strict, to give myself enough space to stretch and such — and that should feel like a win-win situation.

Do you think this would help you, Adeel?

But at the end of the day, all we can do is work with what we’ve got and not beat ourselves up. Negative thoughts lead to negative outcomes.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Ravijit - July 21, 2017

Yes, Ryan is the blogging machine. Interesting post.



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