M.S. Dhoni: Your Acute Blogging Motivation to NOT Lose

To start, M.S. Dhoni is a Bollywood film from India.

And it was picturized in honor of M.S. Dhoni (Mahendra Singh Dhoni), the cricketer of Indian cricket team.

He is the swift wicket-keeper and the blasting batsman.

And that is not just proved by only the film but by his performance throughout the years.

But let me tell you something amazing…

That I don’t personally like cricket. Shocked?

Then why I am here to talk about the cricket?

Because I loved the film.

I totally loved M.S. Dhoni.

It has the acute example of something which I will describe in details, and why M.S. Dhoni becomes the motivation for us, the bloggers, living anywhere in this world.

So, what’s the story?

The story is simple.

That story is all about — same — the efforts one faces.

But you’d be surprised again that ‘effort‘ is always the part of every file.

Then what’s new in it?

There is some so ‘new’.

The hardships M. S. Dhoni faced.

Taunts, rejection, and some other obstacles he faced throughout the years.

But he glued to one thing, one and the only thing which was cricket.

All the rejections did not stop him.

The obstacles he faced did not stop him playing cricket.

He was attached to cricket and it was his passion.

And that passion led him to captain Indian team and winning the world cups.

What makes M. S. Dhoni our blogging motivation personality?

His passion for doing something extraordinary.

The passion which he did not let fade away despite the hardships.

And that proves that if you’re glued (or attached) to your passion, you’ll achieve the substantial position someday.

His years of efforts finally paid off in fruitful chance. And that makes him our blogging motivation to do the blogging.

Your turn…

  • Are you going to be GLUED to your passion?
  • What are your hardships? But despite the hardships, are you going to turn down all the excuses?
  • What’s your blogging motivation?

Let’s play the GLUED bloggin’!

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