Are you the Moody Blogger?


orry, if you’re the moody blogger.

Because it really isn’t going to work.

Not for the long term at all.

Yeah, giving a temporary thrust for a couple of days may work but seriously not for the long term.

But I am telling you that being one not and surely will not work for you.

Well, what means by being the moody blogger?

Actually, it’s my own term.

My own term which I’d like to open up further in details, my very own personal details. 🙂

Well, I am the real example of “moody blogger“.

And I so agree with it and definitely don’t feel shy at it.

When I am in the mood, I blog.

When I am not, nothing is gonna make me change my mood.

So, I am the real example of being the moody blogger, not? 🙂

Then, why I am turning my example into the words?

I so want you to not become one.

Not act like me.

And don’t dare yourself being one… the moody blogger.

What’s the issue if I’m (YOU) the moody blogger?

Being one has its own issues…

  • You’re not consistent.
  • You’re not following a schedule.
  • Even you don’t have a plan.
  • And you are afraid to do blogging on the constant basis.
  • Then you fear of failing.
  • Probably you don’t like your topic too.
  • Or totally dislike writing.

If these are the situation and you’re dealing with one or all, please delete your blog.

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You gotta take blogging as a business.

As a shop probably.

You gotta open it every day and set its opening and closing timings.

So the customer knows the shop is open and when it is closed.

And the job is not just to keep it opened for hours but provide the stuff to the consumers.

Make the product(s) available.

And the product(s) is your niche. You have to stay and stick to your niche at all cost.

Then the shop is going to be your own blog.

But it is better that your shop is representing the availability of one product.

Because if your shop is totally about the vegetables, why you are selling the milk too?

Going multi-products’ shop will actually break your focus.

So, do every bit of the effort by selling just one item…

Yes, just one. 🙂

With it, you and your shop would be recognized as an icon (yup, the icon) and you have higher chances to attract the consumers who are in need of that particular item you’re up for the sell.

Identify yourself as ONE.

Work into that and make your name.

End of the story….

Going the “moody blogger” mode will not work at all for you.

I am into the blogging since years and you know that I am not that far into the industry.

And now you exactly know what stopped me.

But, I do have and still have the time to change myself.

Only I want for you to not become one… The “moody blogger“.

I still remember the advice from the great friend of mine, Ali Raza, who is the great real example of what blogging brings the perks by staying active and consistent with it.

He started with the blogging not long ago but he is persistent.

Acting every day.

And that’s paying him back well and good.

Your turn!

Do you feel being a moody blogger keeps you back in the queue of getting noticed and getting famous?

I’d so love to read your honest opinion. 🙂

Adeel Sami

I do blog. Live as a blogger and die as a blogger.

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