Keep Writing and DO NOT STOP

The successful people are the most boring people.


Are you quite amazed to see why is that so?

Don’t worry, I have something to back my statement.

And for that very reason, I made that statement that successful people are most boring people.

That’s the video from Chris Sauve‘s TEDx talk.

Down there in the video, he said that;

3 Boring yet important habits of highly successful people:
1. Write things down.
2. Automate and Eliminate what you can.
3. Question your system.

Β He is right, nope?

I DO believe he is right.

Success” is not the name of hitting the mark in one week, or one month, or one year.

It is fought for every hour, every minute.

And that fight you need to fight for years.

You gotta fight with the laziness, your habits, your time, your thoughts, your heart and your mind.

Even with everything you have to fight with.

To stand firm against the things that stop you just even for a bit.

But, where’s my topic?

It is right here.

Just hanging around.

Yes, it was necessary to throw the fountain of light on the “success.”


Because, I don’t want to see me and, of course, you to stay in the queue of “average.”

I want to see ME and YOU to hit the success… earned by the hard + smart work.

And for that, we have to fight.

Fight with many and everything.

Which is stopping us to grow, to advance further in the line?

Now, here comes my topic…

We all are bloggers, right?

And our duty is to write.

Write more, less and often.

But we got to WRITE at all cost to be called and seen as the bloggers.

But, my question is…

Is that okay to be called as an average blogger throughout the life?

What’s your answer?


Please, shut down your blog…


That’s what I am expecting from you. And from me as well.

Why me as I am the creator of this post or the content? How come I can say this to my own self?

Because I am the average blogger.

I admit that I am.

Did not work with seriousness even though I am into it from long, from many countless years.

But it is the time to turn things, fix them up and change for the good.

For to hit the expected “success” which I can so expect by giving in my time with consistency.

Because consistency is the key to success.

Those who keep going, find the treasure.

And those who stop, they are sitting with the sorry faces for their whole life.

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Because, “keep” will keep you going for days, months, and years.

And only “going” without a “keep”, it will be the instant thrust for a few days and then stopped. Then again a good thrust after a month or two.

It would be like “going with the intervals.”

With “keep going“, you’re on the road going and going even you’re exhausted, thirsty and starving.

You just need to take up necessary stops for like sleep and meal.

So, nothing is gonna stop ya!

Okay! I am still off of my topic which is “keep writing”

Keep writing.

Even if you’re tired.


Deprived of sleep.

Oh…. but you might be thinking why one can write when they are tired?


If you love your topic, you’ll find the fun. And for fun, one is not exhausted or tired.

Take an imagination of a child.

In his/her childhood, that child is busy in playing even in the so state of tiredness.

That child is not bored of playing.

Even that child plays alone doing things look so crazy. πŸ™‚

But he/she keeps on playing and playing until so tired and falls asleep.

When awake again, he/she jumps back to playing again.

I have personally experienced this (and still do) as my 3-yo son does everything which I am jotting down in here. πŸ™‚

So, in our matured ages and being the bloggers, why don’t we have such an “interest of a child-alike” in the topic?

The true example of “Keep Writing”

Actually, I’d say the ‘truest‘ example of “Keep writing.”

And that’s Ryan Biddulph.

He blogs.

Blogs about uplifting other bloggers by sharing what he so knows.

He shares every bit of the knowledge he has.

And his main aim or mission is to ignite the “fun” in others.

The fun of “keep writing.”

He has the passion of writing.

Or if I can correct my statement, the passion of keep writing.

That “keep writing” literally made him famous and popular around the blogosphere.

I have seen him saying on many places and mostly on Quora that make the writing your daily habit, write 500 to 1000 words daily for the practice.

And here’s my proof:

Ryan Biddulph advising to write 500 to 1000 words daily for practice.

Emmmmm… it could be a tedious job in writing that lotta of words every day.

Sure, it can be because we are hooked up with so much mess around us.

Or our topic could be not interesting.

But my friends, find that topic that you love to write on.

And seriously you can accomplish the practice of writing 500 to 1000 words every day.

So, if he can do it, why can’t I and you do it?

Just study his blog, BloggingFromParadise.com and experience how much he loves his topic and the way he jots down the topics.

That love puts him on the writing spree and enables him to keep writing.

Your turn…

What’s your topic?

Do you love it?

Can you get the topic ideas right by your head?

Do you find any difficulty in writing on your topic?

Share with me, please. πŸ™‚

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