My Part of Story for Karachi WordPress Meetup

Yes to the WordPress Meetup!

I DID join WordPress Meetup in Karachi, the biggest city of Pakistan. And not just joined it, but did something other than just plain attending the WordPress meetup. Period.

To open up the story of what happened and what miraculously happened to me.

I set off to Karachi on February 26th, 2016 along with my family.

I reached there on February 27th, 2016 and on the day the WordPress Meetup in Karachi was scheduled to be held.

I did want to attend it but was too tired due to long travel and apparently missed it.

As I knew WordPress meetups in Karachi holds every month and are officially organized by WordPress Foundation, I was rest assured that I would join the next coming meetup in the month of March.

After March 20th, it was announced to hold monthly meetup for the month of March which I immediately signed up for myself as well as for my cousin and brother-in-law, Muzaffar, as I wanted to show him how blogosphere looks like and how people are having great and massive success with their blogging skills. 🙂


On March 23rd, I got a call from not a common but prominent name in WordPress’ industry and who’s the great friend of mine and the best of the human being.

He is Waseem Abbas Syed, a leading name in WordPress circle. And I am so thankful of him having me in his circle of friends.

Waseem brother is the co-organizer of WordPress Meetup in Karachi city.

So, during the call he invited me if I could present something and speak on a topic of my own choice for WordPress.

I, during the call and honestly speaking writing that I hesitated.. And in the entire length of the call, I kind of dropped the opportunity to speak and present instead I will join the event as an attendee.

Yes, I did hesitate.

Why did I hesitate

Because it was due to..

I had never ever joined any sort of event in my life.

I had not spoken in front of group of people.

I had never ever created any presentation before.

And most of all, I was shy to speak.

But thanks to GOD for helping me building up courage.

I spoke about it with my cousin, Muzaffar, and asked if he can help with creating the presentation using Microsoft Power Point which he is good at and he did the presentation all by himself for me.

After that, I sent it to Waseem brother where it got approved after little corrections and additions and I was named as first speaker on the title which I so loved to present. 🙂

What was the title?

And the title was!


Does it sound interesting? 🙂

.. To be continued with the short (not so short) WordPress meetup story

And the day came which I was anxiously and excitingly waiting for.

The date zone hit March 26th, 2016 and clock triggered 04:00 pm local time and I was accompanied with my cousin sitting in “The Mind Gym” at The Nest I/O.

And I did present! For the very first time in my life. 🙂

Some snaps from WordPress meetup in Karachi

Adeel at WordPress Meetup in Karachi


The swags I got after the meetup

Swags received from WordPress meetup in Karachi

There’s one laptop bag, one sticker and the badge coming all over from United States and from Automattic Inc., the creator of WordPress blogging software.

I thank once again of GOD, WordPress Foundation and Waseem Abbas Syed brother for having me!
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Muneeb Dogar - April 8, 2016

Awesome Experience bro!!!!!!!! You are such a great inspiration for us.

Keep Rocking bro!!!

    Adeel Sami - April 11, 2016

    Hello Muneeb brother,

    Thank you for the appreciation! I so very appreciate it! 🙂

    You too keep rocking, brother! And keep growing!

    See you often!

    ~ Adeel

Philip Verghese Ariel - April 9, 2016

Hey Adeel,
That is indeed an amazing story!
Though you missed the February meet narrowly you could make it for March with an amazing performance! Good keep it up! Many more to come! Wish you and yours a great time ahead.
Good pics too nice to see you on stage with a wonderful action LOL
Keep going my friend
Keep sharing
Have a great weekend
Best Regards
~ Phil

Muhammad Ahmad - April 9, 2016

Hi Adeel,
Very happy for you 🙂
Congratulations from the deepest part of heart!
Stay confident and keep moving forward 🙂
Can I get the slides? OR a video would be better 😉
Congratulations on becoming a part of WordPress meetup!
~ Ahmad

ikechi - April 12, 2016

Hi Adeel

WordPress rocks and your experience is amazing.

I am aware that WordPress does some meetups across the globe so I can see why you would hesitate at the initial stage but thumbs up that you gave your presentation and you met some awesome bloggers like Syed.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Take Care

Rachit - April 12, 2016

Brilliant Experience for You Adeel.

I Have never been to Blogger meetups as you know I was busy in School Stuff. But now I am free.

In the coming days, I too will join up a Blogger meetup. I am way more excited than anyone to be at a blogger meetup.

Especially to Join as a speaker.

I Admire the “Swag” You got after speaking. I Hope you a good time there.

I’ll be reading your blog more often now.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

PS : Message me for some design tweaks

Mark - April 13, 2016

Seems like you had a great time at that meetup. I wish you had shared a video version of it. Would love to watch and learn more.


Oxair Online - April 15, 2016

The 2nd WordCamp Karachi was just a startup event for Adeel and even for others that include me as well :p I hope that with these events and speakers like Adeel; we can brought up the hidden talent of Karachi along with the whole Pakistan in front of the whole world.

I am sure that with small drop, which are dropping inside the bucket (incubator) like The Nest I/O. We will for sure going to have a small pond of IT expertise soon. This kind of expertise later on translate into an effective Army which can easily achieve any targets.

Emmanuel - April 19, 2016

Hello Adeel,

I guess I need to join you in thanking God for WordPress. They have made everything easier.
It’s good to know your meeting went smoothly and you even gathered the courage to speak. That’s great!

Gillian - November 19, 2016

WordPress and other open source technologies open up a world of new employment opportunities to freelancers in developing nations like Pakistan. This has helped fuel the growth of the Lahore meetup, which is now largely made up of freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Barnali - February 11, 2017

It is great to know that how much actively wordpress is spreading itself across the globe.


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