Don’t Pretend to be the Perfect Blogger, Please!

Pretending is lying. A clear lie.

It is like I am lying to be something or someone.

So, the same I am applying to pretending to be the perfect blogger.

Where I am totally pretending to be the one — the perfect blogger.

Why don’t you need to be pretending as being the perfect blogger?

Please, don’t if you’re really trying to be.

It will put you on disturbance.

It is not your thing.

And it really shouldn’ be.

You need to understand the fact the “pretending” is you’re trying to be someone.

Copy him/her.

Act like him/her that you’re following to be the pretended copy.

And you’re totally throwing off your own approach, your own thoughts, and mentality for the sake of being someone’s copy.

You’re inspired by the success of the already-established blogger and you just want exactly like him to enjoy the success like him/her.

But… Please, understand that.

Understand one thing that you’re sacrificing your OWN for that blogger. You’re trying to be just like that blogger like how he writes, he talks, he listens, and approaches.

I must tell you that you’ll get bored easily.

Because one cannot go on by being someone, act like someone, and copy someone for years.

It is natural that you will soon get bored by not being YOU.

Then what makes one the perfect blogger?


Why the heck I need to be the perfect blogger?

Actually… Nothing is perfect in this world, do you agree?

And word “perfect” does not mean that you first become perfect then do the thing.

Perfection will trim up by the time you keep practicing.

As such in blogging, we all need to write.

And our skill of writing will polish up until and unless we keep writing daily and with consistency.

You do know that most bloggers do not have the English language as their first still many of them are writing in good English.


Because they kept on practicing. Kept on writing for years.

That made them learn it — the art of writing in a language that they don’t have in common, and not used in their countries.

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I am actually not saying to not strive to become perfect but what I am stressing that don’t try to become perfect before doing anything (blogging in our case.)

As I said, nothing is perfect nor we can be.

Just write.

Let yourself out and have it flown in the words.

Keep on writing even you’re met with so many mistakes.

Because “I am doing” is better than “I will do.”

The real examples of perfect bloggers

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

Hassaan Khan

Ryan Biddulph

Lisa Sicard

Mi Muba

Ilyas Tarar

They are the living examples that what’s blogging and how they do.

Interesting fact that they all have their own style. The genuine and original style.

Your turn.. to become the perfect blogger

So, how’re you doing with your blog?

Are you just keep going OR doing all the good efforts to become perfect first before starting?

Drop the latter if that’s the case… And be on it!

Start now and don’t let blogging weigh over you but you do!

In the end, Happy bloggin’! 🙂

Adeel Sami

I do blog. Live as a blogger and die as a blogger.

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