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Writing Skill is NOT Made, It is Gamed

Yes, you heard it right…

The writing skill is gamed, and not made.

It requires you to keep practicing.

The daily practice to game that skill but in a positive way.

The word “Game” is often taken as the wrongdoings to manipulate the results out of the game.

So, writing is not easy unless you don’t make it easy for you.

And that is truly possible with the real practice. The constant practice.

And for that, you have to write daily to game the writing skill.

How to then game the writing skill

  • Love your topic.
  • Find the interesting methods to write and not get bored.
  • Because being the writer and on the top of that being the blogger, you have to keep your calm and chill all the time.
  • Observe your surroundings to keep getting the new ideas to write on.

Because you need an idea first all the time, right?

If you do not have an idea then how come you would write about anything?

So for that, keep your eyes open.:)

The writing is the long game.

Such a game which you can resemble with the football.

You have to keep kicking the ball to be in the game.

But if you don’t, you’re surely going to lose the game.

You cannot just keep standing idle and expect that you would win the game.

So in that case, being the footballer is totally being equal to the writer.

Stick to the game. The content is your ball.

Keep rolling the ball but this game is not something like play for 90 minutes and you are just done.

It is the game you have to play with every day.

So, you ready to game the writing skill?

Are you ready to play this game?

Play the game to increase your writing skill?

If yes, think about it again.

If it is still yes, saddle up for it! 🙂

Happy skillful bloggin’!

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