Bloggers’ Perks Living in the City

Everyone has a dream of living in a city.

Where it is well-developed and maintained.

And filled with the people.

The chances.

The opportunities.

And a lot of inspirations to make the lives better.

And for bloggers’ perks, we get to have so much. And I literally meant that so much.

I live in the city, what are the bloggers’ perks anyway for me?

For you (yes you) as I don’t live in the city.

As a blogger, you got so much of the perks.

Perk #1 for bloggers


Perk #2 for bloggers


Perk #3 for bloggers

The abundance of like-minded people.

Perk #4 for bloggers


Perk #5 for bloggers


Perk #6 for bloggers

And many other perks that depend upon the situation to situation for the each individual.

Because it almost depends on the priorities one has set for him or herself.

Coming to the point and if I would name my own priorities, I would go with this sequence:

Internet > Events > Networking.

Because the internet is so limited at the place I am living in.

And so are the other necessities.

So living in the city or urban area is the dream, and purely the blessing if one has.

So many availabilities of so many services, the chances that one can never avail living in the remote areas.

I am the one example of the “lacking”.

And the hardest thing to get to is the events.

I am aware of too many of the events happening in different places in my country, hence I find hard to attend them because those cities are at large distance from my own place.

So, this is the first big of a “lacking” for me.

But still, I manage to attend to some by traveling to some cities in one entire year.

So, it’s time to hit an end with something.

And that is I want to make you aware of an important thing.

Guys, if you are fortunate enough of living in the city (or urban area), try finding the events happening in your domain.

And for me, I look for WordPress-related events and was able to attend quite many.

So, dig up for some. Check on FaceBook events as well as Meetup’s site.

The internet related events are easy to find, isn’t it?


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