The Best Blogging Reading Roundup Post for Week 30

Here’s my another reading roundup post for the week # 30.

And that’s for the duration of July 24th, 2017 to July 30th, 2017.

So, here I come with my best read so far.

Reading makes you knowledgeable. Click To Tweet

This week’s reading roundup posts:

Note that these are the posts that I made a comment on (commented on more than the listed blog posts), and they are the best ones I read in the previous week.

Despite the fact that my comment is approved or not, I keep track of the blog posts where I make comments and these blog posts I happened to qualify for the reading roundup post.

So, let’s meet the next week with another round-up post. 🙂

Happy readin’ bloggin’!

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Shantanu Sinha - August 1, 2017

Hello Adeel,

Once again some great post by some top notch bloggers.

Some of my picks for this week was from Seo Techy world, Copy Blogger and of course Blogging from Paradise.

Thanks for the share.


    Adeel Sami - August 1, 2017

    Hello, Shantanu!

    Thank you!

    And that’s so great to know you loved the posts from Nisha, Darren Rowse, and Ryan’s place already! 🙂

    Keep rocking! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

Aquif Shaikh - August 1, 2017

Hello Adeel,

Thanks a lot for including my article on Quora in this roundup post.

Aquif Shaikh

    Adeel Sami - August 1, 2017

    Hello, Aquif!

    Thank you, buddy! 🙂

    This was the awesome post I read and I couldn’t force myself to not include in my roundup post. 🙂

    Keep writing the best!

    ~ Adeel

Manish Kumar - August 3, 2017

Hi Adeel,

As Awesome as always blogging reading roundup!

Nothing can be more knowledgeable than Reading.

A lot to learn from the blogs that you mentioned.

Greatly enjoyed reading.

Thanks a lot for sharing valuable links.

Susan Velez - August 5, 2017

Hey Adeel,

Great list of bloggers to read and learn from. I already follow several of these. However, BloggingOcean is new to me.

Guess I’ll have to spend some time visiting that blog and seeing what I can pick up to help me improve my blogging.

Thanks for sharing these links with us have a great day 🙂



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