5 Link Building Methods to Start Using on Second Tier

Link building has always put an impact in ranking. Whether we want to rank a single post or a complete site, we need to build links.

However, we have encountered lots of changes over the years in it.

Earlier, marketers used to build plenty of links to rank a site.

But as the time passed, the nature of link building turned up more to the quality rather than quantity.

Moreover, the link building techniques which were being used on the tier 1 started using on tier 2.

This change came due to less effectiveness of the old tier one link building methods.

I count some of the old tier one link building methods are directory submission, article submission, blog commenting, search engine submission, press release, etc.

The list is way too long. I have listed over here few which are popular enough.

These SEO link building methods came down from tier one to tier two.

If you want to know about the tier link building then first watch the videos below (click on links) …:

You must watch the above videos if you want to learn the tier link building.

The 5 Link Building methods for the second tier

So let’s go into details of link building methods used in tier two.

1. Directory submission

You can say that Hey bro Nikhil—-

I am still using directory submission and ranking with easy. I didn’t say that you can’t rank, but it’s quite dangerous excessively using the directory submission sites to improve your ranking.

You shouldn’t make thousands of directory links using any automated tool.

Few directory links pointing to your site is good but lots of there pointing to your site isn’t a good approach.

Better you will use them on the second tier.  Here is a list of directory submission sites. You can use them on to build tier 2 links.

2. Blog commenting

Blog comments come under top methods to rank event blogs.

It’s the easiest way to get links from blogs.

You just need to leave a simple comment with a blog link and your backlink is ready.

I always prefer using them on the second tier.

It keeps them safe from the manual action.

First build quality links at the tier first then build comment links for your tier 1 quality links.

It will power-up your tier one links resulting your site rank will improve in the SERP.

Both no-follow and do-follow types of comments are valuable.

So, make sure you will create links on both sorts of blogs.

You can also use these blog commenting sites.

3. Article Submission

I don’t any who uses the article submission sites. I remember those days once it was in height.

People were obsessed with the article submission sites as they knew that article submission is the easiest method to get contextual links.

However, they are not as powerful as they were before.

I will never use article submission to build links which directly pointing to my blogs.

My strategy will be using them on tier two and tier three.

4. Press Release

Do you know someone who uses press release?

I don’t know a single person.

There will be surely a few or more.

But yeah, In my network, I don’t know a single person who is using a press release.

Press release submission has become a sign of curse in the SEO.

It can invite a penalty for your site if you use a press release.

In 2017, I am not in favor of press release.

It will be like cutting my own hands if I use them on my own blogs.

You may create a space for it at tier two and three.

5. Search engine submission

If you are doing SEO from last two or three years, then you would surely know about the search engine submission.

I did it several times when I used to work in an SEO company.

We used to submit each link that we make.

It doesn’t have the least value so we can use them on tier two. Still, you can use them.

They might get power to your tier one sites.

However, I won’t suggest you using it.

You will be wasting your time, but in SEO, you don’t know what will work or what’s not.

So when you find nothing working for you, you can give it a try at tier two.

Final Words

I already said to you above in this post. There will be many people for whom these SEO methods are working fine, but they are not that much effective now.

If you follow my advice then start using them on tier two.

I will share more such kind of posts if you show your love by sharing this post.

In the case of any doubt regarding this post, do comment below.

I am always here to reply you in short time.

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