Bloggers! Execute These 11 Tips to Beat This Summer

How Bloggers can Beat the Summer with these 11 TipsWeathers are a gift from GOD, the beautiful ones that we often compelled to praise it. The scenery turns to be quite worth-watching in different times of all four weathers.

The weather brings so much entertainment and family times and so many people from around the globe await for different weathers as they get the prolonged vacations to spend the most with the families.

But, weathers are not a fun time for me. Not my friend at all. Actually a certain one out of all four weathers.

But I so hope its not the same case with you. I wish from the heart that all of the weathers bring you more joy and happiness which I wished for myself as well but unfortunately, it is not the case with me … too bad it is not ..

And my bad time starts, continues and remains for four months, just the four months in the whole year which get me down and almost make me unable to do anything.

Sadly those are just two reasons alone caused by extreme weather we hit through May to August, every year when it is the peak time of summer. The summer who spreads its wings like a hell. The heat wave makes us to feel like skin is burning. Walls be like there’s nothing erected to stop the heat and we are living in the open space. The rooms turn as  heated-ovens. It just feels like everything is burning from up to bottom, from in to out.

So it is somewhat the complete portray of summer-y months we bear every year. Night times just don’t cool down a lot. Sweating like just took a shower a minute ago. No relief in sleeping. No perfect sleep time and the sun just arises and starts heating up since 5am.

Even though no relief and nothing else in summer-y months except spotty rains, then we actually feel a bit relaxed by the time it is raining. But such trend continues just for a day or maybe for a few hours.

Okay, so I was telling that two reasons which make me feel so down during summer, who are:

  1. Sneezing and flu
  2. Hot and hellish kinda summer

I have already explained how badly I am allergic to sneezing and flu and what I did and what I recommend to everyone to NOT do when you’re down due to sickness or by any other issues.

Now, here comes the hot and hellish-alike summer.. My goodness it is too hot.. It becomes hellish hot during May to August when the temperature hits as high as to 53c to 54c. Due to this hellish heat, headaches, dehydration and flu/sneezing are common. And during the day time, can’t step into the direct sunlight as everything is burning including the sun over the head.

So, that’s the brief real story of the summer-y months we face. Can’t sleep and can’t rest and thus cannot work with focus as we are distracted to the heat.

Such extreme weather is a killer of my efficiency and productivity. With no proper rest and relief, can’t think straight or do things with good.

How Summer Affects Me Too Much Than Others

As I belong to blogging industry, I have to keep thinking and developing the good content but such extreme weather kills it all for me. It snatches away everything from me. Assume when there’s no relief, one cannot think of even something and cannot make the work done timely and efficiently.

For me, I keep on changing my desk’s place all around the home. Sometimes on rooftop, sometimes in backyard, sometimes in this room, sometimes in that room, sometimes in kitchen, etc. Just keep wandering all around the premises throughout the four months.


To find some relief from heat, some air and a cooler spot to settle in. And in this summer time, I think I have gotten one already. 🙂

But it takes me so much time for my work-desk to move into the new places every time with having all the power cables, all the work-related things, white-board setup, etc. So, a lot of time is actually wasted to settle into every new place.

But I believe that everything happens for a reason, right? So, in my case, every time I move it works well for me even if for quite a few days to combat with the heat.

The key is to NOT to loose the productivity in any weather and in any circumstances. Those who embrace the failure to keep updating their blogs can’t sustain the winning streak as the weather which gets them down will keep coming every year throughout the life. Just that you have to embrace it and keep doing what you do — blogging.

So, do something like:

  1. Set yourself in an open area as much as possible
    This is essential because rooms with or without windows can get heat up and as night prevails,, the walls start to throw out the stored heat developed during the day time compared to open area with or without just roof as it gets cooler as the night time nears.
  2. Don’t work during peak hours
    Yeah, sure you don’t. Don’t blog at all during extreme heat hours or you’ll be just wanting to soak the sweat other than maintaining focus on blogging.
  3. Make your night time your friend.
    Night time are bit cooler compared to day time. If possible, start your day as evening kicks but don’t tempt to work very late in night with the imagination to take sleep during day as you wouldn’t be able to due to hot day. This advice may vary country-to-country but I hope it would fit for bloggers from Africa and Asia where hot weather is actually too much hot.
  4. Wear breath-able, light-colored and loose-fitting clothing
    Like t-shirt and jeans or trouser or even torso. Don’t wear heavy ones and dark-colored clothes.
  5. Don’t sit in direct sunlight
    That’s extremely recommended. Don’t expose yourself too much in direct sunlight. Instead sit under the shades or install a temporary thick roof over yourself to seize the heat.
  6. Enjoy the natural wind than fans or air-conditioners
    Natural is natural, correct?
  7. Take showers with normal water temperature
    Do it the normal way. Don’t cool it down by pouring ice cubes or anything as it will just make you to bear 2x heat amount right after the shower.
  8. Drink lots of water
    Can’t deny its importance, the best ammunition to fight with dehydration.
  9. Avoid day time activities
    Yes, please don’t do it. Such activities like sporting, walk, exercise, etc. will just shoot your blood pressure and will feel dehydrated and lose the energy.
  10. Take naps
    If very possible, must take it as it refreshes one up to not feel down or burn out due to extended wake hours.
  11. Use common sense
    It is required. When you know its over-heat outside, stay indoors and minimize to stop your outdoor activities.



 Call to Action, I love this end!

Alright guys, how are you combating with weather changes? Does it effect on your productivity as well? Does a weather stop you from blogging let it be a winter, a summer, an autumn or  a spring?

Do let me know!

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