1 Reason Why You Need to Get Blog Writing Spree on Track


et your blog writing spree on track for GOD’s sake.

And why you need to do that?

Because it’s the lifeline to keep running the blog.

To make it active, fresh and keep updating with the new content on the set schedule.

Dang it if you don’t follow any schedule.

Let it be one post a month or four posts a week but let is be some sort of the schedule that you strictly follow.

After all, you ought to gotcha your blog writing spree on track.

The one main reason you got to get your blog writing spree on track

It is simple.

You have to have one.

The one schedule at all cost.

And follow that strictly.

Your readers do want you to keep on writing.

If there’s no new content coming up with a set or feasible schedule, it is of no use to have a blog at all.

Because readers and the industry deserve that the blog has to be updated time to time.

And to become an authority blogger, you got to write MORE and with a schedule.

Down there with the word “authority“, it is actually author-ity in the example of blogging.

You have to become the “author” first to be counted as “authority” in the long run.

If you’re not an author, how come you can be called as an authority blogger?

And being an “author”, you’re going to write as much content as you can and for a good long time.

So, the more you write, the more you’re alive as the writer (or blogger or author.)

Your turn…!

Now… What’s stopping you from becoming an author-ity blogger? 🙂

Are you with the set schedule to keep publishing the new content?

Have you straightened up your blog writing spree on track?

Let’s share ’em in the comment.

Adeel Sami

I do blog. Live as a blogger and die as a blogger.

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