I Yell I’m ya Blogging Motivation

Yes, I am the all-negative to bring you the blogging motivation.

To make you feel motivated.

And I can be given as the perfect reference of the blogging motivation that’s still negative.

What I’m then?

I am still a not-so-regular blogger from all these years.

With still being a not-regular blogger, kicking the breaths into the blogosphere.

Up with the unscheduled schedule of the new content pumping up on my not-popular blog, still, it is working for me, nope?

But whenever I’m in the swing, I work on one thing; networking.

That I do only via blog commenting and the social media.

So, how come I am ya blogging motivation?

See I am not regular enough.

No plan I follow.

No schedule I have.

But that’s still kicking for me. In the terms of recognition.

Yes, I am still not good with the monetary side of the blogging/writing but had tried it for a month and found really great and unexpected return out of the effort.

I am ya lesson

I then turn to be ya lesson of blogging motivation for sure.

Don’t be ME. Seriously don’t.

Work it. Work it up to your fullest.

Have a schedule. Own a plan. Place the strategy. Treat it as your business.

But…. Don’t lose the fun. Love it and spread it.

Fun ya business.

I strongly advise you better treat it as your business. It so requires the constant effort to develop a business out of it.

Be your own boss AND the employee. Treat yourself good hitting the milestone of success every time.

And get in shape to make your body and mind refreshed.

Your turn now

What do you say about it?

Did I sum up the conditions to get (back) on the blogging motivation?

Please, share with the world in the comments. 🙂

And don’t forget to… have fun bloggin’! 🙂

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