That ‘Want of the Writing’

Want of the writing.

The writing is is something that when you are incited (or when you have the incitement.)

In other words, you would have to have that want of the writing. But don’t get excited, that want is so hard to attain.

It’s not the toy and you are not a child that you need that toy to please you (or busy you) for the period of time.

Being the writer, that kind of incitement level is really hard to hit.

Such as the case when you are busy up to the neck with the writing orders then you need that kind of incitement level in your possession.

Analyse yourself.

Tell me that you have it?? That incitement, do you have it?

And if the answer is in the positive, congratulations!

You know the want of the writing!

But…. Still it depends. It so depends.

And depends on the reasons as to why you want to write?

  • To become an influential blogger?
  • To build the content writing career?
  • And to do the affiliate marketing?

Or anything else?

So, what makes you to ignite that want of the writing?

This is not something I can ignite that want into your soul.

But you have to first find the reason.

Then to ignite that want of the writing all by yourself.

So, that reason has to be just like a solid-steel. Or a delicious food that you WANT to cook. See, that want of “the want”?

You got to love what to do to actually ignite that want.

Just find that reason. The pure reason to have that want ignited!

Your turn

I want to know what’s your want of the writing?

Do you love it?

How you’re NOT letting to die down your want of the writing?

So, let’s share!

Happy bloggin’! 🙂


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Arfa Nazeer | Epife Blog - January 21, 2018

Hi Adeel,

You have got a wonderful message here. I was totally impressed by the title ‘the want of the writing’. Too often I get asked that why do I blog or write. That’s where the want of writing comes in. When I started blogging, I just wanted to share my opinion. No matter if it is helpful or not. I had to place an opinion and I made it every time. It was just the beginning. From there, I learned that writing is a mode of communication. So, why not use it?


Osama Awan - January 25, 2018

Hi Adeel
I like your writing style keep it up


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