6 Reasons To Use Disavow Links Tool Before Getting Penalized

Every here and there we get confused with the great feature of Google Webmaster Tools named Disavow Links Tool, its the best addition from Google as it may protect you from your bad competitors (the revenge kind thing or jealousy) and your bad SEOs work.

An image showing Disavow Links Tool

Why Disavowing Links Needed As I Am Not Penalized ?

Well, today is the time where relevancy is what does count towards any field; being an off-topic guy or website will not work as people are continuously searching for people and content that interest, provide them with intending information so are the search engines, they admire the relevancy in everything from now, from backlinks to content to comments.

In the case if you are into internet from long and have every other SEO tricks and tips applied, they may Harm you with:

  1. You had no idea what was SEO.
  2. You had no idea about relevancy and all it mattered for you was quantity.
  3. You had non-skilled SEOs to work for you and they linked you with off-topic sites.
  4. The SEOs used blackhat tricks to up your rankings.
  5. The SEOs spammed you all around the internet.
  6. Your competitor(s) want(s) to ruin you.

Well, I am here discussing about not to use disavow links tool After getting penalized BUT it is to use Before getting penalized.

Well, How ?

Matt Cutts, Google Web Spam’s Team head, speaks on the question:

Question: Should webmasters use the disavow tool, even if it is believed that no penalty has been applied? For example. if we believe ‘Negative SEO’ has been attempted, or spammy sites we have contacted have not removed links.


Matt Cutts replied in the YouTube video:

How to request for Disavow Links Tool ?

First, you will have to check for the links you want to ignore/disavow, follow these steps to know the links your site is linking to on external sites:

  • Go to Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Select the target site you want to disavow links for (if you have multiple sites on your GWT account.)
  • On the dashboard, click on ‘Search Traffic’ from the left pane.
  • Click on “Links to Your Site
  • Then click on “More” beneath “Who links the most“, they are you backlinks.
  • Click either ‘Download more sample links‘ OR ‘Download latest links‘ (Download latest links will add dates as well.)
  • Select any of the download format of your choice either CSV or Google Docs.

After you have all of the links downloaded in CSV or Google Docs format, now it comes the important part to pay a lot of attention to:

  • You will have to convert the links into text or .txt file format and be encoded into UTF-8 or ASCII-7 as Google only supports .txt file.
  • You will not include all of the links you downloaded, only include the ones you Really Want Google to Ignore.
  • Should be one link per line.
  • Add this line in text file domain:samplesite.com if you want to disavow all of the links from that particular domain.
  • You can also included descriptions in your text file i.e. you mostly taken care of the spam links but few are left that for some reasons couldn’t get deleted by that site’s management. Add # in each line to add information/description as Google will ignore those line starting with #.

Valid explanatory disavow links text file should read something like this:

# example.com removed most links, but missed these

# Contacted owner of backlinky.com on 7/6/2011 to
# ask for link removal but received no response

 How to Upload the text file with disavowing links ?

  • Go to the disavow links tool page.
  • Select your website.
  • Then click Disavow links.
  • Click Choose file (text file you have links ready.)

Let’s move on, let’s protect your site, your treasure before it’s too late.

Complete guide to use Disavow Links Tool from Google: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/2648487?hl=ens

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