That’s My Only Ultimate Blogging Helper!

This piece of the world is too distracting

Motorbike rushing thru the street, a child crying the heck out of his little mouth from the neighbors, cars shifting and buzzing up the woofer on the roads, ladies’ talks from the home, uninvited guests kicking your house, and what not?

I meant I cannot stop listing up some more and so many distractions this little world hold for us, the bloggers.

Being the blogger, we mostly enjoy sitting in the home all the day. Or let’s say we don’t have anywhere to go to do the work because we are the bloggers, right? We are the ‘stay in the home‘ creature. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, what’s that ultimate blogging helper of mine?

Interested to know it now? And right now? ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, it is the little computer or TV peripheral which we mostly buy for various reasons.

And I am using it for just one reason. To make myself productive in my work and the blogging.

When it is on, I feel like it’s only me and my work (and the blogging.)

Please, bear in mind that I do work online right from home and which is not an inch closer to the blogging.

So, that’s my headphone, my ultimate blogging helper!

Adeel with his ultimate blogging helper, headphone on

It’s not new if I say.

It’s really not the new thing that I am writing about.

I know many people use this little piece of device to really kill off their distractions.

Yes, when it is plugged in, you’re productive and killing your to-dos’ list becomes easy.

But heck….. I missed one thing.

You know most of the bloggers are stay-in-home guys then when there’s no one in the house like your family is out, then you cannot wear up your headphone.


Because of… Anyone’s might be coming to your house. Or your family might be ringing the bell. Then maybe phone ringing. Or judgment time is coming?

Yeah, it happens with me and so often (except the judgment time’s event), so I am forced to not wear my headphone during that time when the family is out.

The need ofย  headphone

Get lost in the world of productivity.

Tune in the good music you love to listen (I do SoundCloud.)

And start bashing your keyboard to compile the best content.

Show the best of you through that content.

And make it outstanding that people applaud your creativity, the selection of the words, and the jottings of sentences.

Your turn’s part

I definitely know you’d already know of the blessings of this little headphone, right?

So, I ask… Do you use it? If so, what’s your experience? Noted the change in attaining the good focus?

If you don’t use it then share how you deal with the distractions?? I really wanna know that, please!

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