THIS Tool will Literally Save You Content Writing Time

I found a new thing for me last day.

Not that it is a very new thing in the world.

But for me, it is the new thing that I employed last day.

To try to see if it can really help me get the desired or expected result. And for that, I brought in the new microphone to try that method.

But the outcome is way beyond the desired target I’d expected from that tool.

That is superbly helping me enormously.

I meant that it made my writing job super easier. I just say words and it just types.

With it, I am able to hit 4 or 5 words in a matter of a second.

And normally with the keyboard, it takes more time than that.

So I think it is a good tool and with that, you are just able to say anything.

And so time preserving.

Yeah, it saves time. So much time that you can easily consume on thinking and be saying. So much for the average content writing time, right?

Yes, you would meet you go slow.

Because for me, I am not a native English language speaker OR I live in an English speaking country. So yes, it sometimes makes it harder to pronounce some words. Or many words.

But still, it is the helping solution for me. So much help because I didn’t know it would even work for me at all.

I just wrote these all words in about 5 minutes. So it is pretty helpful for a person that is not an English language speaker, right? 🙂

I still have to correct many words while I am saying but for the overall performance, I would say that it’s the 80%  job done with this microphone and without touching the keyboard.

What’s the tool?

Excited? 🙂

Well, it is actually the website called SpeechTexter.com

And for that website to work, you will need Google Chrome‘s browser on your machine.

Just hit that website on your browser with your microphone ready and start saying.

I super recommend that website, and the method to employ the speech to text to save good enough for your content writing time.

Your turn now! 🙂

Tell me… Tell me qhuick! 🙂

Are you gonna try that method; speech to text?

Did you like it at all?

If I tell of myself, I’m gonna stick to it from now on. Or let’s say would be glued to it for my future blog posts. 🙂

It’s super helpful!

So, let’s be on the voice to text bloggin’! 🙂

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