Are You So Very Tired to Blog?

Too tired to blog?Well, are you? Is that the case? It makes you tired? Or the post title makes you more tired than a minute before? Or is there something else?

But, whatever the case is or could be; does anything make you feel tired when popping out your think-tank brain and army-kinda fingers and hawk-sharped eyes to put the blog idea worded into sentence to sentence long.

Does it?

I hope it does even seldom. Even for a few days in a month. Even for a few hours in a day. Even for a few minutes in any hour. But whenever it does, you loose control of yourself and all you just wanna do is to crash into bed.

Sounds about right? Of course it is, I hope. πŸ™‚

Okay, same is happening with me since last morning.

What happened to me?

And it all started with bad influenza.. Or better say a killing influenza.. And I am too tired to even think straight.

I have an influenza started about seventeen years ago when we moved into this village (I hope I am doing the math right), and the issue is I get violent flu just in the summer time. All long summer-y months I am sneezing and sneezing for like ten times in a row.

I had taken too many treatments to fight with it all homeopathic but nothing worked. I am fond of homeopathic because of its less impact, slow reaction, and that it is sweet. πŸ™‚

But today, I did something wrong I guess. I am repenting on it..

I am allergic to sunshine only in the summer. As I go into the sunshine, I start sneezing so badly that It feels like just the last breaths..

In the morning, yesterday, I went out with the doubt that I will get the flu plus sneezing but I still went out on the bicycle. As I peddled it for a minute I started sneezing and oh GOD! it was just too much. Never had experienced such intense sneezes before.

Well, then I quickly decided to go to the doc. and as I reached there, I described him all my situation and he just gave me one medicine and told me to take two tablets everyday, one in the morning and one in the night (not after sleeping πŸ™‚ .. )

Then I did. I took the first tablet in the morning as I returned back to home. Then gosh… I slept for six hours. Straight six hours after waking up like 2 hours ago. I am shocked as I only sleep for about 4-5 hours in a day. Still I am so shocked.

I woke up at around 5pm and was barely having my eyes opened. Couldn’t move or sit. Couldn’t up my hands. Felt so dizzy and the head was like spinning in all directions. I waited for fifteen minutes laying in the bed immoveable.

I had no idea what to do. And what I had to do. Couldn’t think straight with that heavy head and couldn’t eat as well. I skipped the lunch and dinner.

I started to curse that medicine in imaginations that it made me this worst, letting me felt like I didn’t know anything or even existed.

While I was cursing and cursing then after a few minutes I happened to realize one thing. Actually noticed a change in me.

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What was that change?

No more sneezing. Not a single sneeze from the morning. No flu. Literally nothing.

Wow! That was a change, a major one!

I suddenly turned into a most happiest person. Compelled to dance because I probably had found out the cure to my this ugly allergy. πŸ™‚

But it cost me something.

It did. Not a major one but still it did. But I think it was a major one.

It took my whole day from me, the time which I could utilize doing something like maybe writing or spending with the family or exercising or anything.

But it is all okay. Everything happens for a reason, correct?

[Tweet “Everything wasted you should make it up the other time to not call it a wastage.”]

Blogging is very hard when you’re DOWN

It is very hard as I experienced it. The few lines from the beginning I wrote while I was down due to medications. I wasn’t thinking even straight and was just typing and typing without thinking for a second. I didn’t know what I wrote and I was just typing and deleting.

Those initial content I corrected today after feeling some-well.

Too tired to blog? Skip Blogging, please..

Yeah, you should NOT blog. As I work from home, I pick my own hours of work and have better chances to rest for more hours. Actually you shouldn’t even do anything. You might be thinking about what to do then. I will tell you later.

Isn’t it a blessing to work from home, right? You can even work anytime, go off during the day time to make some rest or go out to refresh yourself. Can work in night time if it suits you but don’t push for it as a daily routine. Don’t go beyond 1am.

In most cases where new bloggers and online employees tend to work late in the night (ahh! the call centers thing…), keeping this schedule for long term just does not work. In the day you can’t even fill your sleep time up due to distractions in home when everyone is up and in the result, you feel down after getting up in the afternoon or evening and you won’t be able to sustain the focus.

So, make your day time your friend.

And yeah, when you are down then just don’t push at all for work rather rest so much. Working during downtime, it won’t make any good while you struggle to think, to act and to complete. And working from home, you have so much flexibility to manage your downtime caused by some illness. But the summary is don’t work at all.

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That BloomBerg’s article really got me! I liked their story-telling style which portrayed what minor things we don’t even get to notice can actually make you sick. Even I laughed hard on the line where a colleague reaches you and does a handshake with you and right after he tells you how bad he has a cold. πŸ™‚

The end of the story in my blog post and BloomBerg’s; Do not work while you’re tired and sicked.

In our cases, we shouldn’t think of blogging when we are so much tired to blog! Okay? Are you getting me?

Β CTA … Actually Call to Action, yeah!

Okay, not actually a call but I want to know what do you think of it all? And what do you do and suggest to do when you’re dead tired caused by sickness? Do you rest or just push for blog?

Do let me know!

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TonmoyParves - April 21, 2015

Hello Adeel Bro, Thanks for your this article. Really Great. I agree with your points “Too tired to blog? Skip Blogging, please..” You know i was testing myself that can i really do or not? And finally i think yes i can πŸ™‚ That’ why i will start my own Brand as TONMOYPARVES ) Hope, you will always stay with me


Adeel Sami - April 22, 2015

Hey Tonmoy,

Bro, you definitely can because you did! πŸ™‚

It is too good to see you are getting ready to kick it again with your own domain name! Don’t stop and start soon!

And if anyone tells you not to, tell them to get a life. πŸ™‚

See you soon at your new domain name!

~ Adeel

Joseph Chikeleze - April 22, 2015

Hi Adeel, my bro,

Nice post all the same. Graet content paves way for itself. Really like this.

Excuses are not enough to keep us skipped from our business. We should be strong enough.

Bear in mind, “Winners never quit and quitters never win”

Do have a nice day bro…More wishes to you….

Joseph C

    Adeel Sami - April 26, 2015

    Hello Joseph brother,

    So awesome to see you on my place, welcome in! πŸ™‚

    I love it. β€œWinners never quit and quitters never win”.

    Well, excuses are the killers of our future. They don’t help us at all. The little the things we skip today due to excuses, the harder we will repent in the near future.

    Thanks again for coming over my place and liking the content!

    I see you often! πŸ™‚

    ~ Adeel

Tech - April 23, 2015

I don’t feel tired to write a blog post, but sometime I feel tired for all steps after publish a post like marketing, make it more popular … so on.

    Adeel Sami - April 26, 2015

    Hello Tech,

    Sorry I don’t know your name but I am so pleased to have you on my place! πŸ™‚

    Ahhh ther other step is actually the so-necessary and important. Writing content is just one thing, the basic one. We shouldn’t be ever get tired to perform the second step like marketing and making connections with like-minded folks.

    I welcome you once again for the visit! πŸ™‚

    See you often!

    ~ Adeel

Gordan - April 24, 2015

Well yeah i agreed with you completely. There will be few occasions where we tend to believe that we gonna tired of blogging and hence may loose interest out of it. I guess we could/should take a few naps to make everything balanced,


    Adeel Sami - April 29, 2015

    Hello Gordon,

    Exactly! The rest gives an enormous boost to gather the mind in shape.

    As a blogger and addicted social media user, we can loose the interest very so often due to loads of information coming towards us via TV, social media, websites, news, etc. — The best is to keep moderation in everything whether it is our passion, our work or enjoyment with the family.

    Nothing works better than us. We loose ourselves in the flow of distractions, it will be harder to get back on.

    And I think one motivational quote every morning can do wonders, right? πŸ™‚ The key is just one and not more than one OR else it will veer off our minds right from beginning of the day.

    Thanks for the great contribution, Gordon!

    I see you often!

    ~ Adeel

Harleena Singh - April 24, 2015

Hi Adeel,

You are absolutely right in mentioning all that you did πŸ™‚

Health is wealth, and once you are fit and healthy, then only can you really work, whether it’s your business, work or blog. Sorry to hear about the sneezing spree, but such things are known to happen in the summers, perhaps due to the heat, change in weather, and also allergy one can develop due to various things. I am glad you slept it off and felt better.

Yes, when we are sick and try to work, we’d never be as productive, focused, and efficient. All of it will show in our writing and work, so makes sense to take complete rest and then start work. It’s not easy for bloggers who work from home, to relax, and I think most of them would keep working even if they are not well, which is not good because your health will suffer more, and you might prolong your sickness this ways.

Take the due rest, and once you are alright, then go ahead to work.

Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend πŸ™‚

    Adeel Sami - April 29, 2015

    Hello Harleena,

    Wow, I am late in replying. Sorry – my bad..

    Yeah, I am better since then but on and off. This thing seems not stopping but I sensed some break due to homeopathic medications I am taking on now, so it is coming to normal I guess. Thanks so much for asking! πŸ™‚

    Health is of course way better than money. If no health or deteriorating one, money can’t do enough but can only keep providing you just the temporary reliefs. I always pray for the health, the sound health we all should enjoy every time and every year, amen.

    I have gone through such times with bad sickness and still ought to work which resulted into nothing completed and it made my sickness more intensified. After few clashes with such situations, I now just plug myself off completely to take a good rest whenever I am sick and feeling down.

    Thanks Harleena for this insightful comment! Thanks so much!! πŸ™‚

    See you often!

    ~ Adeel

Nanda Rahmanius - June 2, 2015

Hi Adeel,

When I was sick, I’ll be blogging as much as possible. If it is not possible anymore, then I will take complete rest. πŸ™‚
I believe that if we are sick it is a sign that tells us to break. If we keep blogging, then the results we get will not be maximized.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Adeel.
I feel close to you with the same problems we face. πŸ™‚

Have a great day for you!


    Adeel Sami - June 2, 2015

    Hello Nanda,

    Wow, that’s awesome to hear about how you handle the sick time! πŸ™‚

    I can definitely say that in times we are sick, sometimes we can be much productive to transform that sick time into completing something bigger and important but in the background, we are hurting our body.

    Why? Because of we are not taking rest to relax our body.

    Sick times are better handled with taking good and sound rests. It may look not so good in certain times and periods of sickness but it is the only weapon that can relieve our body. While working in sick, we are kind of like running a plane with the engine of car installed within.

    Thank you so much once again, Nanda! πŸ™‚

    See ya often! πŸ™‚

    ~ Adeel

Vicky - June 12, 2015

Well indeed sometimes we tends to loose interest or tired of it. I guess you have shared some great points to be free from those events.

    Adeel Sami - October 7, 2015

    Hello Vicky,

    I so appreciate of you taking your time and sharing your valuable input!

    True that we cannot stay the same forever, hence we loose out on the productivity and creative thinking for awhile time to time. But the bestest of the best thing is to get back on track.

    Thanks again! I see you often!

    ~ Adeel


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