The Sweetest Value of Daily Writing

I am sitting in my home office room where I spend about 16 hours every day; working, laying down flat, sleeping, playing with my son, or just browsing the internet.

It is the small room about 16×20, have one pillar erected in the center supporting the low-hanging brick’s roof.

I find that room very relaxing for me. It is like I am totally detached from the other rooms because I keep the doors shut almost all the time.

Ahh… That’s for a reason. 🙂

And that reason is my son. hahaha…. 🙂

My son is 3.5 years old mischievous lad (thanks to GOD) always trying to sneak into my room. While I enjoy his little acts but I am sometimes very indulged into serious tasks that require zero turbulence.

And that’s why I keep my doors shut. 🙂

But I want you to blog without any interruption. Still, you’re being disturbed, you should stick to your daily goals you have for your blogging journey.

So still, you’re being disturbed?

Anyhow, you should stick to your daily goals you have for your blogging journey.

The world does not care how disturbed you are. All they care if you’re up with fulfilling your daily blogging goals; and the biggest one is the continuous content push on your blog.

If there’s a pause for a good while, you’re ultimately out of your readers’ minds.

And that’s truly hard to regain the trust level (or interest) of your good readers.

Then why let that situation to prevail?

Simply try not to make it happen.

Go easy with your blog. Set the goals that are easy to tackle.

If you’re good in tackling them for let’s say at least 2-3 months, then push the acceleration a little hard and increase the few more numbers in your already set and accomplishing daily goals to not have them pounding you hard with their effects.

Again, go easy with your blog.

Then hop on reading what the value of writing every day.

Really it is fruitful of writing daily. Just not that you must finish the piece of content and rush to publish but jot down the thoughts every day and make it complete no matter it takes two days or three days or seven days.

Just the thing to focus over here is to incite the need and habit of writing every day.

Most writers have that advice always shared and it is good; write daily.

This way the habit is developed of writing and you’re on the good path to keep pushing the new content for your very blog.

And that’s what I am working on; write and write daily.

Your turn

What’s your way?

Do you find the advice of writing every day valid or not?

What’s your thoughts in general in regards to the topic?

Let’s share it in the comment. 🙂

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