The Sudden Stressing Event and You Blogging

Well, yesterday was the day… as normal as one can account for.

But by the 1300 hours on the clock, it hit an incident that ruined all the planning, all the preparations, all the motivation, and everything.

I had lost it. Lost to that sudden stressing event.

It was merely a family thing that turned into the mess and ended up ruining everything.

Even after 20 hours, it is still in my head (or let’s say it was on my mind.)

So, you can easily track how badly it affected my brain to NOT do anything. It wasn’t allowing me to do anything.

I had some plans for yesterday which I couldn’t accomplish…

But at this time of the morning, I accepted it and started to do what I’m supposed to do; write the content.

The more I’d think of that stupid incident, I won’t be able to hit anything to its completion mark.

So, I did accept it. Accepted its existence.

Blogging under stress

Stress is the killer.

Killer of your creativity, your time, and positivity.

I had ‘been through, done that.’

But you can control it if you want to.

In all these 20 hours, my mind was not accepting it and was stressed all the time and ultimately I was not able to do anything.

But under the tick of a second, I was able to cover it up. Put aside all the stress and made that event a blog post’s idea for me.

Interesting, yup? 🙂

It is all up to you. Under your power to control it.

A sweet quote from LiveLifeHappy.com for the mess I was stuck into the whole day, right? 🙂

My good friend, Lorraine Reguly, once had the negativity all glued to her. But she overcame it and turned her life an example, a motivation for the world to tell that YOU can still deal with your mess and rock the world.

Get to know about her’s life journey she wrote all about in her blog post.

Read it. And try to pull the stress off.

So, your turn

I do want to read how you deal with the sudden stress?

May you not fall under any stress ever, amen!

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