Please Stop Blogging for Numbers

Are you blogging for numbers?Blogging for numbers?

Are you doing it?

Thinking to do it?

Wanting to do it?

Compelled to do it?

Not getting results as you think you don’t have good numbers?

And so on… And on.. And on. The list of questions don’t stop popping up in your head, right?

You think that having low Alexa rank is affecting your blog to streamline the truck-load of traffic every hour?

You believe that your domain authority is killing your blog?

And page authority of your posts is too low that is hurting people to read your entire posts?

Social sharing numbers are zero to a few numerical numbers and not helping much?

Wow… comments.. You’re desperately waiting for them?

It’s all about the mindset actually. You cannot fight with it. And if you fight, you cannot win because it is the mindset already-setup deep inside the brains and hearts of other people.

You cannot insist someone to do when he/she has an addiction to something. Otherwise it will turn into a fight, if not a fight but into abuses and curses.

The better is to just give a good pause at the beginning and not jump into defending what you had said and what you meant by. Just keep quiet and do not respond back to clear up your stance.

And the same I did last day.

I happened to join a new blogging community where I answered to someone regarding PA (Page Authority) / DA (Domain Authority) as the questioning person asked how he can raise it.

I fired my simple answer with enormous simplicity by keeping my simplifying stance for that type of answer in front of me. It’s simple. Keep on writing on the related higher authority blogs and websites than yours in terms of comments and guest posting. Make your content share-able and link-able.

I answered;

It’s simple. Keep on writing on the related higher authority blogs and websites than yours in terms of comments and guest posting. Make your content share-able and link-able.

And most of it all, it takes time.. too much time to gain authority in the field.

And in the return, I didn’t expect to get such a reply from someone other than the questioning guy;

most of big sites has some nofollow thing, so even we comment with our link, its always no follow frowning secondly what i observed is, write write and write then just wait and pray to God and it wil improve your DA and PA ? stuck_out_tongue

Okay, I understood. I think well enough that what that reply meant from the guy. I very well know what really requires to get the Page Authority and Domain Authority. But I am here to NOT blogging for numbers, seriously!

I meant in the answer to portray that I suggest as I do for myself to keep interacting with them to help them grow so ultimately they help me to grow as well but this strategy is not for just helping to get helped. It is to be remembered by them that I am their avid readers and one of their loyal audience as I love to share the great content nonetheless where it is coming from.

And mind it! Published DoFollow/Do-Follow comments and links can be deleted anytime. And even cannot be approved. Don’t deny the fact.

And I always say to make your content link-able and share-able. The problem-solving content to help your readers who are craving for the assistance.

If I share with what he later replied with an answer to that person, I believe it was what I actually had said in the first place. Just that I don’t know why he mocked at first.

Why I actually don’t care for numbers?

Simply enough! I want to make myself, my name an authority in the field not just my blog. I don’t hide behind the keyword-rich author name to target my main keyword. I don’t have a keyword-backed domain name. And why should I as I want to make myself/my name an authority in my field?

Another reason why I REFUSE to do blogging for numbers

Even I have low page authority and domain authority, I am known by not all but many renowned, superb and very professional bloggers who are so friendly.


Because I am here to make good connections to mutually get benefited. I love to put myself appearing in their news feed more. Interacting with them more. Engaging with them more. And promoting them more.


Just because I want to become an authority in my field and this can only happen when you have great connections with everyone working in the field.

So, I don’t just go to their website:

  • To leave my URL.
  • To target an anchor text to dig the strong keywords alongside my domain name.
  • To leave my links buried in the comment.
  • To vanish from the scene after knowing the websites are locked with nofollow tag.

Actually I never ever looked/researched to know if any website I visit is a nofollow thingie. In this competitive world, are there still the people who only care for no-follow thing and not wanting to return back to the websites in future?

I doubt that if any does. I mean why anyone would?

People now are well-aware of these types of things. And the big guns quickly set the nofollow thing and would have it set up from long ago. It’s not a magic to set it up the entire blog as a nofollow, right?

But who would still NOT have nofollow thingie setup at all?

The ones who don’t know. Who are just stepping in blogosphere. And just sniffing for a dofollow websites and blogs, you’ll just find out too new, non-focused, irrelevant blogs and websites not from your niche better say industry.

And then are you going to target just them? Then not going to put an effort up on the table to touch the nofollow big guns?

If that’s the case. I am sorry of your mindset. And fighting with this mindset is a harmful blow for me. That is the very reason I skipped to reply to that particular person on that particular thread.

What I do rather than blogging for numbers?

Sorry if you’re blogging for numbers but I DO NOT. I really NOT and I do NOT want to do it.

But what I do;

  • To make good connections with everyone regardless of their and theirs Alexa, PA, DA, Klout. etc. ranks.
  • To engage and keep interacting with them on social media sites to make the relationship stronger.

Relationship counts. It does for sure and without any kind of doubt. And it takes time.. too much time.

Go on make relationships with people and not with their blogs and websites. A person today with lower ranks can possibly become an influential person later, mind it!

Call To Action, yup!

Okay, it’s now yours turn. Tell me what would you do if you ever came across the similar situation as mine? What do you do the blogging for; for numbers? What you can add more for me?

I’d love to hear your valuable thoughts on the core topic; Stop blogging for numbers.

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TonmoyParves - April 25, 2015

Hello Adeel Bro, thanks for your this article. Yes , i agree with your all points. Today’s my mood is very bad. Maybe i wanna go to Give up. But my best wishes with you always. And IN-SA-Allah you will become one of the famous Blogger in Asia within next year

Happy Blogging Jounrey

    Adeel Sami - May 6, 2015

    Hello Tonmoy brother,

    First off, thank you for liking the content!

    I am late to reply back to you but I know what it was – what it made your mood to go off.

    Brother, something happens for a reason. At the time it feels like whatever is done not at all in favor of us. But definitely everything happens for a reason.

    I just advise you that do what you feel good to do. What you want to develop your life around. If it is anything, work for it and get your surroundings to support you for everything to achieve what you have plans for.

    I so thank you for wishing me for it! And wait! I am going to see you as a world-famous blogger! πŸ™‚

    Keep it doing!

    ~ Adeel

Nathan Ambrose - April 27, 2015

Hi Adeel.

I agree very much with your points.

It’s not quantity that counts, but quality. If you’re targetting and building the correct relationships, then the numbers don’t matter much.

Thanks for sharing.


    Adeel Sami - May 6, 2015

    Hello Nathan,

    Welcome to my place!! I am more than pleased to have you! And thank you so much for the feedback!

    I do quite agree with you. We keep doing what we do like blogging and making good connections with fellow bloggers, the numbers will come in after all. But only focusing on number, we will be tired and fed up real soon.

    So rather focusing on numbers, believe in giving a helping hand throughout your blogging journey and the numbers will push to you automatically.

    Thanks once again Nathan for dropping this great content!

    See you often!

    ~ Adeel

Ikechi - April 27, 2015

Hi Adeel

Buddy, you nailed it with this post as your so right.

Blogging starts when you have a vision. Blogging helps you to spread the word about your vision. When you vision solves people’s problems, it makes you fulfilled and you have fans.

Blogging for numbers isn’t a vision so I am not surprised that what follows is disappointment and stress. You are right that we should never blog for numbers. Absolutely not.

We should blog to help people solve their problems which is why we network with others. The basis of networking is to join the community in achieving the smae goal even when there are different approaches to solving the goal.

Thanks for this awesome post. Have a nice week.

    Adeel Sami - May 6, 2015

    Hello Ikechi,

    Thank you so much for dropping in the thoughtful comment on it!

    I do and so agree with you. I remember reading Adrienne Smith’s one comment on her blog that she doesn’t check her rankings too often like daily. She believes in writing to actually become a helping hand to solve people’s problems and issues.

    We must acknowledge our blogging lives to help always. Thinking over numbers all the time will just crush our emotions and ultimately it will kill our blogging interest.. I do hope it never happens with anyone, amen.

    Thank you Ikechi once again! See you so often!

    ~ Adeel

Joseph Chikeleze - April 27, 2015

Hi Adeel,

What a wonderful post herein! I mapped out my time to read this great content. To say; you did a great job.

Your points are clear and informative BUT do permit me to say it out as it’s on my mind. I have these few points of contradiction over this topic! Hope you’ll welcome them with humour.

Here it goes —
……………………Bloggers has been rank-inclined for the last few months(as of the times I’ve spent on blogosphere). It has been a thorn on the flesh when a blogger publishes great contents on a blog, drives in multitude of visitors from forums, SM and SE; still yet, remains on the same rank.

Everyone wants to rank higher than others, that’s the basics of blog progress. Still pointing it out, I’ve read so many posts about blog ranking and how to rank better(mostly on alexa) on top websites.

Why publishing this? They also want to rank higher. Blog ranking is good. I could remember wasting so much time on my friend’s blog whose blog generates thousands of traffic on daily basis, yet still being outranked by the minor blog just to put everything in order. We got it right and he is happy now seeing his actual rank.

Many bloggers do add alexa widget to make sure their blogs rank well; we know many of them. Right?

Nevertheless, I could remember failing to receive a free credit gift on BROADED.NET after seeing the inscription:

“For sites that are below 100,000 on alexa only”

I missed the giveaway!!!

Adeel, am not in to condemn your post or somewhat. It will be better for this great post to be taken into consideration. Let’s share it on social platforms and provoke the attention of others.

Am sure, this will add a great value to blogosphere.(Let’s go on this hashtag – “#stop_blogging_for_number)

Have a nice day.

    Adeel Sami - May 6, 2015

    Hello Joseph,

    I cannot say that ranking is not required at all. It does and it is but my core focus in this post is about stressing that we as bloggers must not only work for just numbers. The numbers are good but I can tell you it is not so very good the same time.

    I want to give in an example:

    Like there is a blog with below 200K Alexa rank, 30 PA and 35 DA but it does not get any or just less comments, etc. Why? Probably because of the lack of relationship.

    It is so possible because you would know that if you don’t reach to someone, you shouldn’t expect him/her to reach out to you. Relationship builds up through reaching first.

    I just stress over making an impact and making your blog an impact. Stream in the like-minded people so they share their views with you through blogs and social media updates and it is only possible through reaching to them first so it will make a mutual friendly relationship with each other.

    Our target through blogging is to help to get helped. The more we write and the more our content become helpful, the more the people will come in, share their thoughts, share the content and keep returning to actually help you to grow but it is only possible if we reach to them first and keep reaching them.

    Alexa ranking can be manipulated easily so it is not a sound evidence that it could be always genuine.

    Blog for impact and the numbers will start to improve itself. It sure will take some time but the continued relationship is something what we will experience everyday and with every post.

    Thanks again Joseph for this wonderful contribution! I do hope I would have clear up some points. Please, let me know.


Kimsea Sok - April 27, 2015

Adeel, how are you doing today..!

I’m Kimsea, a blogger from Cambodia. This is the first visiting of your blog, but I really love what you said above.

Sure, focus on writing is the most common mistake that every bloggers did it. You know..? When fist I start blogging, I focus on write article, and provide my read the fresh updating. Actually, I did wrong with my blog.

Blogging is more than writing. You have to take more, and more eyes in marketing your blog post. You have to build relationship with other bloggers, also you have to spend some time for writing guest for quality backlinks.

Also, I would agree with you. DA, and PA is now acted as significantly important factors to rank your article on the first page of Google. Thus, you have to pay attention in increase of your blog authority.

Thanks for lovely article..! πŸ™‚

    Adeel Sami - May 7, 2015

    Hello Kimsea,

    I welcome you heartily over my place! πŸ™‚

    Writing is actually better, the most-important factor in building and growing our blogs but actually maintaining focus on just content to be an error-free, grammar-corrected and novel-looking writing style are not just CALLED the only ingredient. Think of the great content but no body is in to read and contribute their thoughts — It’s utterly useless.

    The more you promote, the more the people will chime in. Content strategy without content marketing is just nothing. It’s just the waste of time.

    Many things do definitely matter as Alexa, backlinks, PA, Da, SERPs but what’s good in it if there’s no one coming in and participating or sharing. It is definitely NOT a good sign for people to come in and leave out without their contribution. We do blogging to make relationships. If we don’t do our part to maintain the relationships, we are missing on receiving the part from others.

    Make yourself and your blog to dive into hearts of your readers.

    Thank you once again Kimsea for the wonderful contribution! I do appreciate it a lot! πŸ™‚

    See you often!

    ~ Adeel

Yatin Khulbe - April 28, 2015

In the beginning, I was also getting mixed reactions from people regarding follow/no-follow comments and post. Some people told me that some authority blogs put no-follow links in our guest author section. Ya, you are right. Blogging is all about making relationships with different bloggers. I want to share one example based on this thing. This week I am coming up an expert round post on my blog, where I am asking different self-development experts one question. A week back, I started contacting different experts. You know, from whom I got my first reply. She was Erin Falconer, the Co-Owner of PickTheBrain, authority blog in a self-improvement niche. I had already written a guest post for her site and I share my comments on other posts also. So, it became easy for me to ask for her reply.
Thanks Adeel for sharing such a wonderful post.

    Adeel Sami - May 7, 2015

    Hello Yatin,

    Thank you for dropping this beautiful message!

    I very agree that relationship is all that counts. Without it, we are nothing.

    I stress just one thing that no matter at what ranks we are on, at what place we are on for keywords, if we keep one thing doing, just one thing as a blogger to make connections developing with fellow bloggers through their blogs, they will come in to our place for sure.

    Why is that so?

    Because we are giving them values not just for the sake of link-building and ranking-building but to develop genuine relationship with them to actually help us.

    You know that everyone started from zero. Today’s bloggers were just very new in the beginning, on the day they started, they acquired the hosting and the domain name.

    But how they got there?

    Through their constant relationship building with the people. So, I just want to go after one thing that make relationships today and forever and the ranks will chime in themselves.

    Thank you once again, Yatin! I can see for you to become an iconic name in self-improvement field. Keep that doing!!

    ~ Adeel

Naveen Kumar - April 28, 2015

Hi Adeel,
Great post indeed πŸ™‚
There are many blogger who specially go to any website for the sake of getting links. But its not a good practice. As you explained in this post, we should try to make good relationship with our fellow field friends (Bloggers) instead of spamming them by putting low quality comments and links.
The other thing, Numbers are just helping you to encourage so you can make more efforts. So it is true that we should never focus on increasing numbers but we should focus on increasing quality so your numbers can increase without wasting your time on increasing numbers.
Writing a hundred of article in a year is not a tough task for any one but connecting with high profile/authority blogger is surely very tough. So if you focus on maintaining good relationship through your blogpost, only then it worth, otherwise these will only numbers and nothing else.
Thanks again for sharing.
Have a great day πŸ™‚

    Adeel Sami - May 8, 2015

    Hello brother,

    I am glad that you liked the content, thank you! πŸ™‚

    I too agree with what everything you said. When it comes to relationship building, we should not care if one is using CommentLuv, or Disqus, or anything after all we are here to make up and strengthen up our relationships with fellow bloggers despite their preferred commenting platform and the numbers.

    You said it all right that numbers are their to encourage but with such mindset when we are doing everything wrong from the beginning like just thinking about creating articles after articles and not focusing on relationship building which is a must to survive in blogosphere, we will be doomed too sooner or later because of our core focus were on just Numbers.

    Thank you once again for this thoughtful input!

    See you often! πŸ™‚

    ~ Adeel

Nisha Pandey - April 29, 2015

Hello Adeel,

This is such an enlightening write up and inspires bloggers to move away from running after those numbers. You have put it so well and naturally, and it’s a fact! When we chase those numbers, it’s all like chasing the sales targets in a corporate environment without delivering genuine value to customers.

Time we changed our perspective towards blogging!

Thanks for this wonderful post!

Have a great week!

    Adeel Sami - May 8, 2015

    Hello Nisha,

    First off, welcome to my place! Its such an honor to have you!

    The example you put up is more than true! This is exactly the way we should always care to move with in the blogging industry.

    Numbers are good but working hard just for numbers is not a good sign. One will easily get fed up with if the numbers don’t improve much.

    Achieving low numbers is easy compare to higher ones and for that, we have to put in lots of hard work on daily basis. And of course, people’s contributions help to make the numbers to shine. And for people to help you, you have to help them without the thought of reciprocation from every single action and to give them more value.

    Thank you once again for your great contribution! it sure added so much!

    I see you often!

    ~ Adeel

Vicky - May 17, 2015

Blogging is all about networking and sharing our views, if a blogger or may be a newbie is doing it only for the sake of numbers or just for making money then he/she may be fail at an end and loose interest which would finally leads to quit blogging.

To be honest I entered blogging only for the sake of money but I didn’t make any money at the first and I loose faith and interest too. But later I figured that I could learn lot of things while doing blogging and from that point I didn’t stop.

Thanks for the refreshing article.

    Adeel Sami - June 2, 2015

    Hello Vicky,

    Though I am late but I am very glad to be replying to this great contribution of yours!

    That’s so true that numbers don’t work in the beginning. Having the core idea developed in our thoughts that doing anything could result into instant receiving i.e. money, fame, ranks, etc., which don’t. It takes much of the time probably years to gain the space.

    So, never ever backing off from what we do and what we are doing can definitely lead us to better places in coming years. The thing is to not let go off our interest.

    Thank you once again, Vicky, for this great input!

    I see you so often! πŸ™‚

    ~ Adeel

Nanda Rahmanius - June 5, 2015

Hi Adeel,

Interesting article, indeed!

There are a lot of people are blogging for numbers. They always check their blog Alexa any time, there are many people like that.

Honestly, I also sometimes influenced by people like that. But, I believe that blogging is more than just numbers. There is a relationship in it, the connection between bloggers and others. πŸ™‚

I also saw a lot of bloggers are blogging because it is their passion. They continue to work regardless of the numbers. And in the end they will get what they have earned. Nothing is wasted in the hard work. πŸ™‚

Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!


    Adeel Sami - July 1, 2015

    Hello Nanda,

    I am extremely sorry for my very late reply. Had been going through many fortunate and unfortunate occasions..

    You’re so right, mate! Many bloggers are so influenced by the numbers that they pull up their analytics many times in a day.

    I can say that numbers are important as well. They are there for some reason but being dependent solely on the numbers to do your blogging is a bad thing. Numbers can get your passion and interest killed.

    For example, in the beginning of the blogging, we are not aware of the very basic things and getting this habit of checking the numbers developed inside our self while working our way up, anything we will do will have a little impact on our blogs so numbers could hardly change a bit. And that’s the time we sacrifice our will of “keep going” as numbers are not moving and shaking.

    Give importance to the numbers later, not immediately. At the later time when we have good readership and everything, the numbers then can tell us how we are doing and what we are missing on to improve the numbers to their best.

    Keep numbers out in the beginning but when you’re some in inside your journey, check numbers to understand what’s working for you.

    And I thank you so much for listing this post in your very first round-up post!! I heartily congratulate to you on initiating the round-up postings! πŸ™‚

    Thank you for your wonderful contribution, Nanda! I see you often! πŸ™‚

    ~ Adeel


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