How To Remove WordPress Stats Bar From Dashboard?

Always staring at WordPress Stats bar is not good, especially for the new bloggers. They do hard work but less visits/counts of people coming to their site, may dishearten them and take away their interest to continue their blogging journey.

Most of the established bloggers remove it as well and that’s the best sign to not have it up and running, as you have to focus/interest on content writing and not worrying about stats too much.

So, how to get rid of the stats bar when you are logged-in as an admin on your WordPress blog page and seeing it sticking in your eyes ?

I’ve pictorial guide to lead you to remove that annoying (to me) WordPress Stats bar:

Note: You must have to have Jetpack installed and activated to access the below pictures. 
Note # 2: This guide is compiled into WordPress 3.7.1 supported blog.

Step # 1: Login into your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

An images showing WordPress Admin Login Page

Step # 2: Click on Jetpack link marked in below screen-shot

An image marking Jetpack plugin link.

Step # 3: Click on “Configure” Button

An image showing Stats Configuratioin button under Jetpack.

Step 4: Unchecking WordPress Stats Bar Option and Saving Configuration

An image showing tick box word WordPress stats bar to remove.

Here you go! Now access your blog page logged in as admin and never ever see that stats bar. It’s pretty much helpful for me and seeing data after a couple of days is too much great than seeing it almost all the day.


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