Why Quora Should be Your Only Everyday Need

I might have exaggerated…

And to sum it up in the quickest and simplest way; you need Quora.

Quora is actually the Q&A (question and answer) site and is the best platform to grow your authority.


Well, I will let you know about it a few paragraphs later.

But the thing is, Quora is SUPER Powerful.

It’s the DONE-POWERFUL and not like the POWERFUL that North Korea is trying to be, the false powerful (at least I think.)… 🙂

Why is Quora needed?

It comes with the WHY that why we have to be on Quora.com?

Well as you know Quora is the Question and Answer site, it has almost all of the topics where people ask and provide answers.

Being free and the world’s best Q&A site, it attracts the people coming from any part of the world and sharing their thoughts in terms of answers.

And people in need of knowing something, they push the questions coming in all the time.

Let’s suppose you’re good at BLOGGING then you should be the part of Quora, an active part.

The world needs you and your expertise to be on Quora answering the blogging-related questions.

How to use Quora

No secret there…

  1. Login to Quora.
  2. Search for the blogging-related questions.
  3. Give your best in the form of answer.
  4. Leave some upvotes to the answers submitted by other people; could be your friends and more.

People also use Quora to market their content. For that, find the related questions to your blog post’s topic, shoot for your best answer and then leave the link at the end or maybe in-between the answer (in-text format.)

But all you gotta do is be original. Remain original. Think of no outcome out of every post and help with your best.

Quora is all about the real people and be the real helping person contributing for the good of the community.

The best blogging people to follow on Quora

Follow these guys and grow your network up on Quora.

See how they are answering the questions and get the great questions for you to answer as well.

Your turn

So, are you on Quora? 🙂

If so, what’s your username?

And how’s it going for you?

Let’s share your experience in the comment.

But… Don’t forget to follow me up on Quora: Adeel Sami … See, don’t forget! 🙂

Happy Quora’in‘! 🙂

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Muhammad Ahmad - October 10, 2017

Hi Adeel bro,
Quora is something really cool. As we grow by helping others, same is the case with Quora 🙂
Thanks for the mention. <3
~ Ahmad

Atish Ranjan - October 10, 2017

Nice post, Adeel.

Quora is a great place for bloggers. Ever since I started, I am able to generate more than 1000 user visits a month on few of sites collectively. I just started working on it consistently from last month, and I am sure if I continue to work on it for longer, I can get more traffic from it.

Moreover, we always get interesting stuff on Quora to read.

Thanks for the mention Mate.

Good Work.

Muhammad Imran - October 10, 2017

AOA Adeel bro,

Thank you for adding me. A couple of days ago when you asked for Quora username, I thought you’re collection Quora people to just connect with them. But bro, you take it to the whole next level. And it’s the best way to make new blogging friends.

M Imran

Cori Ramos - October 10, 2017

Hi Adeel,

Thanks for putting this together for us and for reminding me about Quora. I signed up about a month ago and totally forgot about it!

Now that you shown us how to move around it and who to connect with, I’m going to hop over there to check it out and put it on my daily to-do list. 🙂

I never realized how much exposure we can get from networking there – great post Adeel!

Hope you’re having a great week!


muhammad asim - October 10, 2017

you are absolutely right ! Qoura is awesome platform for the authority building i have started using one day before now i have got 100 views which is amazing.

Ryan Biddulph - October 10, 2017

Hi Adeel,

Thanks for the mention dude.

I really love Quora. Such an easy way to help folks, build bonds and yep, to drive blog traffic too. Just be thorough with your answers, and show up daily per your advice, and things will work nicely on that network for you.


PS….Love that Mark Walberg GIF that is funny 😉

Muhammad Arsalan - October 10, 2017

Assalamu Alaikum Sir,

Thank you for adding me. In simple words, I am says Very nice post 🙂

Thank You!

Lisa Sicard - October 11, 2017

Hi Adeel,
Thanks for adding me to your list 🙂 I love this site. I joined years ago ask questions on technical stuff I needed answers too. Then I started a while back answering questions about social media.
I kept reading how it drove traffic but it only happened to me recently. I try to go on daily and do at least one. It’s like a crossroad puzzle to others. It’s fun and can be addictive.
Just don’t always use links, you could get banned. I saw Neil Patel once was banned on there for it. Always live by the 80/20 rule 🙂

ANAND - October 11, 2017

One I answered on Quora and I left my link. Will this increase my traffic. Or I have to answer daily ?

Janice Wald - October 11, 2017

Adeel, I am excited to see I am included in this pool of talent. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in including me. I appreciate you recommending me on Quora. I’m always happy to help answer questions there and anywhere. I have a post coming up about Quora soon also.
I’m off to share your post.

Shakir - October 11, 2017

Hi Bro,

Quora is indeed an outstanding site and bloggers can use it to their advantage.

Another sweet article, as always. 🙂


Navin Rao - October 11, 2017

Hi Adeel,
You are Absolutely right Quora is a one of the great destination for bloggers in all the niches. This is a place where you can interact with lot of people by answering their questions and a great source to get some post ideas as well.

This is an amazing post, thanks for spreading the valuable words around!

Have a great day ahead!


Muhammad Abbas - October 11, 2017

Adeel Bhai another good article as expected from you.
Thanks alot

Shantanu Sinha - October 11, 2017

Hello Adeel,

Great one over here 🙂

I do hear a lot, that Quora is one of the best place to create awareness among the people of our presence.

Being a helping hand is always in demand and when you help people with their problems it helps to established a long run
relationship with them.

I haven’t tried Quora but I am looking forward to dig deep into this one.

Thanks for the share.


Mairaj - October 11, 2017

Hello Bro,

Well, Quora is one of my favorite website which is handy for getting instant traffic. It is a great resource where one can easily find the solution to our queries and to connect with like-minded people.

Many thanks for lovely share 🙂

Warm Regard’s


Lorraine Reguly - October 11, 2017

Thanks for the mention!
I love Quora. You get to help others while simultaneously building a new tribe!

Hassaan Khan - October 12, 2017

Hello, Adeel Sir!

Thank you so much for mentioning me.

In fact, I loved the idea of this blog post.

Quora is a great platform to build authority, increase visitors, and grow a brand.

I’ve tested it in the past.

All we need is the right strategy to utilize Quora.

I might head back to Quora in the future.

Thanks, again.

Shubham - October 30, 2017

Great Post About Quora Loved It !!!

Aman Kumar - October 31, 2017

Hello Adeel,

Nice post over here 🙂

Quora is new thing for me, and i never heard it before. I am glad to known and really Thank You.

Quora sounds interesting for my prospective view. Sure i”ll try to look what actually is it and how well it perform for newbie.

Thanks for the share

Asim - February 7, 2018

Adeel sami Thank you very much for mentioning my name in your Awesome Blog.i would say that you are the only pakistani passionate blogger who write for his passion ,believe me !you inspire me very much.


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