Why Quora Should be Your Only Everyday Need

I might have exaggerated…

And to sum it up in the quickest and simplest way; you need Quora.

Quora is actually the Q&A (question and answer) site and is the best platform to grow your authority.


Well, I will let you know about it a few paragraphs later.

But the thing is, Quora is SUPER Powerful.

It’s the DONE-POWERFUL and not like the POWERFUL that North Korea is trying to be, the false powerful (at least I think.)… 🙂

Why is Quora needed?

It comes with the WHY that why we have to be on Quora.com?

Well as you know Quora is the Question and Answer site, it has almost all of the topics where people ask and provide answers.

Being free and the world’s best Q&A site, it attracts the people coming from any part of the world and sharing their thoughts in terms of answers.

And people in need of knowing something, they push the questions coming in all the time.

Let’s suppose you’re good at BLOGGING then you should be the part of Quora, an active part.

The world needs you and your expertise to be on Quora answering the blogging-related questions.

How to use Quora

No secret there…

  1. Login to Quora.
  2. Search for the blogging-related questions.
  3. Give your best in the form of answer.
  4. Leave some upvotes to the answers submitted by other people; could be your friends and more.

People also use Quora to market their content. For that, find the related questions to your blog post’s topic, shoot for your best answer and then leave the link at the end or maybe in-between the answer (in-text format.)

But all you gotta do is be original. Remain original. Think of no outcome out of every post and help with your best.

Quora is all about the real people and be the real helping person contributing for the good of the community.

The best blogging people to follow on Quora

Follow these guys and grow your network up on Quora.

See how they are answering the questions and get the great questions for you to answer as well.

Your turn

So, are you on Quora? 🙂

If so, what’s your username?

And how’s it going for you?

Let’s share your experience in the comment.

But… Don’t forget to follow me up on Quora: Adeel Sami … See, don’t forget! 🙂

Happy Quora’in‘! 🙂

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