Pakistan Youth Conference – PYC 2018 Multan

Its still one month to go but I am super excited!

There is an event to happen in the city of Multan, the “city of saints“.

I think that would be my first event of the year 2018 and in the newest city which I never visited.

There I know I would meet with many people whom I never met in the real life but all are my good friends online.

My plan for PYC 2018

Multan is the city which is about 250 kilometers away from my town.

And the exciting thing is I would be traveling in my own car for the first time to attend any event.

Though the conference’s date is February 11 which would be on Sunday and the timing is from 09:00 a.m. to 06:30 p.m. But it would require about 5 hours travel time.

So leaving in the early morning on Sunday is the plan that I have. And again, would then need to leave for the back home before the conference ends.

Even if I leave in the early morning, I would reach there before the noon.

And then again would have to leave back to the home early.

So I think that I would only have 2 to 3 hours to stay in the conference. And during that time I would try best to meet with everyone whom I know and whom I don’t.:)

And with that, I hope I would have the best time squeezed out of the conference.:)

Wrapping up time

So, who is coming to PYC ’18, Multan? 🙂

Will definitely love meeting the good minds attending Pakistan Youth Conference on February 11, 2018, in Multan.

And to learn the new knowledge to exercise on my blog.

Let’s attend and enjoy listening to the practical tips live from the great minds serving Pakistan!

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