Please Stop Blogging for Numbers

Are you blogging for numbers?Blogging for numbers?

Are you doing it?

Thinking to do it?

Wanting to do it?

Compelled to do it?

Not getting results as you think you don’t have good numbers?

And so on… And on.. And on. The list of questions don’t stop popping up in your head, right?

You think that having low Alexa rank is affecting your blog to streamline the truck-load of traffic every hour?

You believe that your domain authority is killing your blog?

And page authority of your posts is too low that is hurting people to read your entire posts?

Social sharing numbers are zero to a few numerical numbers and not helping much?

Wow… comments.. You’re desperately waiting for them?

It’s all about the mindset actually. You cannot fight with it. And if you fight, you cannot win because it is the mindset already-setup deep inside the brains and hearts of other people.

You cannot insist someone to do when he/she has an addiction to something. Otherwise it will turn into a fight, if not a fight but into abuses and curses.

The better is to just give a good pause at the beginning and not jump into defending what you had said and what you meant by. Just keep quiet and do not respond back to clear up your stance.

And the same I did last day.

I happened to join a new blogging community where I answered to someone regarding PA (Page Authority) / DA (Domain Authority) as the questioning person asked how he can raise it.

I fired my simple answer with enormous simplicity by keeping my simplifying stance for that type of answer in front of me. It’s simple. Keep on writing on the related higher authority blogs and websites than yours in terms of comments and guest posting. Make your content share-able and link-able.

I answered;

It’s simple. Keep on writing on the related higher authority blogs and websites than yours in terms of comments and guest posting. Make your content share-able and link-able.

And most of it all, it takes time.. too much time to gain authority in the field.

And in the return, I didn’t expect to get such a reply from someone other than the questioning guy;

most of big sites has some nofollow thing, so even we comment with our link, its always no follow frowning secondly what i observed is, write write and write then just wait and pray to God and it wil improve your DA and PA ? stuck_out_tongue

Okay, I understood. I think well enough that what that reply meant from the guy. I very well know what really requires to get the Page Authority and Domain Authority. But I am here to NOT blogging for numbers, seriously!

I meant in the answer to portray that I suggest as I do for myself to keep interacting with them to help them grow so ultimately they help me to grow as well but this strategy is not for just helping to get helped. It is to be remembered by them that I am their avid readers and one of their loyal audience as I love to share the great content nonetheless where it is coming from.

And mind it! Published DoFollow/Do-Follow comments and links can be deleted anytime. And even cannot be approved. Don’t deny the fact.

And I always say to make your content link-able and share-able. The problem-solving content to help your readers who are craving for the assistance.

If I share with what he later replied with an answer to that person, I believe it was what I actually had said in the first place. Just that I don’t know why he mocked at first.

Why I actually don’t care for numbers?

Simply enough! I want to make myself, my name an authority in the field not just my blog. I don’t hide behind the keyword-rich author name to target my main keyword. I don’t have a keyword-backed domain name. And why should I as I want to make myself/my name an authority in my field?

Another reason why I REFUSE to do blogging for numbers

Even I have low page authority and domain authority, I am known by not all but many renowned, superb and very professional bloggers who are so friendly.


Because I am here to make good connections to mutually get benefited. I love to put myself appearing in their news feed more. Interacting with them more. Engaging with them more. And promoting them more.


Just because I want to become an authority in my field and this can only happen when you have great connections with everyone working in the field.

So, I don’t just go to their website:

  • To leave my URL.
  • To target an anchor text to dig the strong keywords alongside my domain name.
  • To leave my links buried in the comment.
  • To vanish from the scene after knowing the websites are locked with nofollow tag.

Actually I never ever looked/researched to know if any website I visit is a nofollow thingie. In this competitive world, are there still the people who only care for no-follow thing and not wanting to return back to the websites in future?

I doubt that if any does. I mean why anyone would?

People now are well-aware of these types of things. And the big guns quickly set the nofollow thing and would have it set up from long ago. It’s not a magic to set it up the entire blog as a nofollow, right?

But who would still NOT have nofollow thingie setup at all?

The ones who don’t know. Who are just stepping in blogosphere. And just sniffing for a dofollow websites and blogs, you’ll just find out too new, non-focused, irrelevant blogs and websites not from your niche better say industry.

And then are you going to target just them? Then not going to put an effort up on the table to touch the nofollow big guns?

If that’s the case. I am sorry of your mindset. And fighting with this mindset is a harmful blow for me. That is the very reason I skipped to reply to that particular person on that particular thread.

What I do rather than blogging for numbers?

Sorry if you’re blogging for numbers but I DO NOT. I really NOT and I do NOT want to do it.

But what I do;

  • To make good connections with everyone regardless of their and theirs Alexa, PA, DA, Klout. etc. ranks.
  • To engage and keep interacting with them on social media sites to make the relationship stronger.

Relationship counts. It does for sure and without any kind of doubt. And it takes time.. too much time.

Go on make relationships with people and not with their blogs and websites. A person today with lower ranks can possibly become an influential person later, mind it!

Call To Action, yup!

Okay, it’s now yours turn. Tell me what would you do if you ever came across the similar situation as mine? What do you do the blogging for; for numbers? What you can add more for me?

I’d love to hear your valuable thoughts on the core topic; Stop blogging for numbers.


Are You So Very Tired to Blog?

Too tired to blog?Well, are you? Is that the case? It makes you tired? Or the post title makes you more tired than a minute before? Or is there something else?

But, whatever the case is or could be; does anything make you feel tired when popping out your think-tank brain and army-kinda fingers and hawk-sharped eyes to put the blog idea worded into sentence to sentence long.

Does it?

I hope it does even seldom. Even for a few days in a month. Even for a few hours in a day. Even for a few minutes in any hour. But whenever it does, you loose control of yourself and all you just wanna do is to crash into bed.

Sounds about right? Of course it is, I hope. πŸ™‚

Okay, same is happening with me since last morning.

What happened to me?

And it all started with bad influenza.. Or better say a killing influenza.. And I am too tired to even think straight.

I have an influenza started about seventeen years ago when we moved into this village (I hope I am doing the math right), and the issue is I get violent flu just in the summer time. All long summer-y months I am sneezing and sneezing for like ten times in a row.

I had taken too many treatments to fight with it all homeopathic but nothing worked. I am fond of homeopathic because of its less impact, slow reaction, and that it is sweet. πŸ™‚

But today, I did something wrong I guess. I am repenting on it..

I am allergic to sunshine only in the summer. As I go into the sunshine, I start sneezing so badly that It feels like just the last breaths..

In the morning, yesterday, I went out with the doubt that I will get the flu plus sneezing but I still went out on the bicycle. As I peddled it for a minute I started sneezing and oh GOD! it was just too much. Never had experienced such intense sneezes before.

Well, then I quickly decided to go to the doc. and as I reached there, I described him all my situation and he just gave me one medicine and told me to take two tablets everyday, one in the morning and one in the night (not after sleeping πŸ™‚ .. )

Then I did. I took the first tablet in the morning as I returned back to home. Then gosh… I slept for six hours. Straight six hours after waking up like 2 hours ago. I am shocked as I only sleep for about 4-5 hours in a day. Still I am so shocked.

I woke up at around 5pm and was barely having my eyes opened. Couldn’t move or sit. Couldn’t up my hands. Felt so dizzy and the head was like spinning in all directions. I waited for fifteen minutes laying in the bed immoveable.

I had no idea what to do. And what I had to do. Couldn’t think straight with that heavy head and couldn’t eat as well. I skipped the lunch and dinner.

I started to curse that medicine in imaginations that it made me this worst, letting me felt like I didn’t know anything or even existed.

While I was cursing and cursing then after a few minutes I happened to realize one thing. Actually noticed a change in me.

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What was that change?

No more sneezing. Not a single sneeze from the morning. No flu. Literally nothing.

Wow! That was a change, a major one!

I suddenly turned into a most happiest person. Compelled to dance because I probably had found out the cure to my this ugly allergy. πŸ™‚

But it cost me something.

It did. Not a major one but still it did. But I think it was a major one.

It took my whole day from me, the time which I could utilize doing something like maybe writing or spending with the family or exercising or anything.

But it is all okay. Everything happens for a reason, correct?

[Tweet “Everything wasted you should make it up the other time to not call it a wastage.”]

Blogging is very hard when you’re DOWN

It is very hard as I experienced it. The few lines from the beginning I wrote while I was down due to medications. I wasn’t thinking even straight and was just typing and typing without thinking for a second. I didn’t know what I wrote and I was just typing and deleting.

Those initial content I corrected today after feeling some-well.

Too tired to blog? Skip Blogging, please..

Yeah, you should NOT blog. As I work from home, I pick my own hours of work and have better chances to rest for more hours. Actually you shouldn’t even do anything. You might be thinking about what to do then. I will tell you later.

Isn’t it a blessing to work from home, right? You can even work anytime, go off during the day time to make some rest or go out to refresh yourself. Can work in night time if it suits you but don’t push for it as a daily routine. Don’t go beyond 1am.

In most cases where new bloggers and online employees tend to work late in the night (ahh! the call centers thing…), keeping this schedule for long term just does not work. In the day you can’t even fill your sleep time up due to distractions in home when everyone is up and in the result, you feel down after getting up in the afternoon or evening and you won’t be able to sustain the focus.

So, make your day time your friend.

And yeah, when you are down then just don’t push at all for work rather rest so much. Working during downtime, it won’t make any good while you struggle to think, to act and to complete. And working from home, you have so much flexibility to manage your downtime caused by some illness. But the summary is don’t work at all.

Related read at BloomBerg.com‘s BusinessWeek: Should You Go to Work When You’re Sick?

That BloomBerg’s article really got me! I liked their story-telling style which portrayed what minor things we don’t even get to notice can actually make you sick. Even I laughed hard on the line where a colleague reaches you and does a handshake with you and right after he tells you how bad he has a cold. πŸ™‚

The end of the story in my blog post and BloomBerg’s; Do not work while you’re tired and sicked.

In our cases, we shouldn’t think of blogging when we are so much tired to blog! Okay? Are you getting me?

Β CTA … Actually Call to Action, yeah!

Okay, not actually a call but I want to know what do you think of it all? And what do you do and suggest to do when you’re dead tired caused by sickness? Do you rest or just push for blog?

Do let me know!