Are You an All Niche Blogger? Really?

Are you an all niche blogger?

I seriously hope you’re not…

An all niche blogger…


I don’t want to see you as an all niche blogger..

I don’t want to see you working on all niches..

I don’t want to see you working so late in nights..

I don’t want to see you a person only famous in your street..

I don’t want to see you earning a little dime with the efforts of hours..

.. And remain hidden in the darkroom.

Niche blogging is compulsory.

I meant any topic you stick to is called a niche.

Topic = Niche

The niche is what you run your blog for.

If you even don’t have a niche, you don’t have a sense of blogging… Sorry to say. Continue reading…


This Blogger Ready to Send You Far Off the Stars

Hey, guys!

This is my first-ever try to introduce anyone in my place (blog.) Let’s see how it goes. 🙂

The great blogger, Enstine Muki

So, let’s start then!

He is someone you should be aware of.

He is someone you should listen to.

He is someone you should take him seriously.

He is someone who is sharing the best of his knowledge to actually help me, help you and help everyone.

He is not particularly to follow in your initial stage of the blogging BUT you gotta follow him, his advice and his takes on the blogging regardless of where you are at with your blogs.

He is the man of his words. And sharing what works for him is his hobby. Continue reading…