Finally I did Meet Very OnlineUstaad

We always have personalities we so wish to meet with them in our lives.

And I have many, too.

Since then I inclined towards “blogging” field, I found so many personalities which attracted me with their charms, their knowledge and more than that, their humbleness.

But 99% personalities I met just in the virtual world.

But you won’t imagine whom I met with! 🙂

I met the OnlineUstaad!

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3 Awfully Useful FaceBook Groups Every Blogger Must Join

3 Awfully Useful FaceBook Groups for Bloggers

I roam all day on FaceBook.

I use Facebook to keep up with what’s the world up to.

I use it to connect with like-minded folks consuming FaceBook for their blogging needs.

I use it to make myself noticed.

And sometimes I use it just to use it (meant to pass the time.)

And I can witness for many that many (or most of the people) use FaceBook for “about” the same cause as mine, right?

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