I really DON’T AT ALL care.

But if I better say, I’m starting to not care.

Or I feel that I should let go of the feeling of not caring… ever from now on.

And that caring is about TO NOT CARE.

To NOT care of the social shares.

To NOT care about Google Analytics’ stats.

And to NOT care for anything to burn me down.


What I CARE NOW… Is to stick to the blogging.

Keep the new content coming in every bit in awhile.

To keep going with my blog.

And be introduced (again if I was labeled as the blogging) as the blogger into the industry.

No matter good or bad, but be called out as the blogger.

Have had enough of the drama.

Enough of the emotions.

And so enough of the laziness.

What I plan now?

It is simple.

I will continue with the blogging.

No excuses. No tension. And nothing to come in my way.

Just pure blogging.