The One Too Common Blogging Question I’m Often Get Asked

That is the simple and too common blogging question which is quite often asked.

And that is that how do you write?

To start it… there’s one guy in my area who, I think, is impressed with my writing’s way.

Whenever he meets me, he always asks that how I get the blogging idea and how do I write on it in such an interesting way?

What’s my answer to that too common blogging question then?

And my answer is the same to him and to the everybody that I am not a writer.

But I just love my topic. And my topic is, of course, the blogging.

I just love it. And love to write and read about.

And the ideas strike when you are reading as well.

My second advice to add into answering that common blogging question

So to how I write in an interesting way, it again comes with if you love your topic. After that, practice it. Due to the continious practice, it is the only guarantee that you will get improved by the time.

Just love what you do, and keep doing it without looking at the stats but look at the connections.

And if your work is admired in the blogosphere and helping you winning the connections, you are on the right track.

But if it is not, evaluate what’s not working and improvise over it.

To me, writing over what you love and working on the connections, it won’t fail.

But please, glue it to your mind that only writing will not win you the connections.

The blogging world as of now is too crowded and only depending upon the content will not really bring you close to any single connection.

Reach to the connections.

And decide for yourself as to how to do that “reach”?

Your turn… now!

Tell me! Tell me quick!

What’s your answer to that common blogging question of “how do you write?”

Tell me in the comments. 🙂

And… happy interestin’ bloggin’! 🙂

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