Numbered Blogging: Sorry, you’re totally wrong


What number?

Number one, two, or three. And even the last number?

So, are you only after the numbers?

I meant you are just focusing over the numbers?

Numbered blogging; are you THAT?

Well, well, and well….

My question is only in the relation to the blogging.

Is blogging all about the numbers?

A blogger has to only worry about the numbers every time?

The numbers of any kind.

Data. Analytics. Social shares. Blog comments. And more.

Is it a yes, from you?

Or a swift NOPE.

But… It shouldn’t be a “yes” but let it be a big “NO.”

NO is the right answer.

Blogging is NOT AT ALL about the numbers.

It’s for the impact.

Impact on the community. Over your followers. To take the best of the advantage out of your content.

Yes. What you should be worry about is the number of content.

The content which you write. For an impact over the world.

It has to be purposeful, the content.

You should only be afraid of Not Publishing the new content.

That’s what you should only worried about.

Because that is the core of the blogging.

That only is the bloodline of your blog and which will allow you to be called out as “the blogger.”

Okay!! So my topic is about the numbered blogging.

The social shares. The blog comments. Your Alexa rank. And your Google Analytics;  they alone are the big distractions for you.

They will stop you from blogging.

Because the data has the power to make [turn) things upside down.

But as you know that blogging is kind of hard due to the competition. But…. If you do it right and with consistency, you’ll definitely emerge as the unique blogging personality out to the world.

I bet you will! You sure will!

Hate the numbered blogging.

Ending time…

Be genuine.

Be true.

And be like Ryan Biddulph, Enstine Muki, Donna Merrill, Lisa Sicard, Bren Pace, Ravi Chahar, Sue Ann Dunlieve, and Adam Connell.

Scan them. Follow them. Get the best inspiration out of them. And see the magical blogging they do — And are doing since years.

Follow the blogging and follow it with your heart.

And then you’ll sure gain the success

You ain’t here for the numbered blogging.

Don’t do it… Do not do it, please.


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