Are You an All Niche Blogger? Really?

Are you an all niche blogger?

I seriously hope you’re not…

An all niche blogger…


I don’t want to see you as an all niche blogger..

I don’t want to see you working on all niches..

I don’t want to see you working so late in nights..

I don’t want to see you a person only famous in your street..

I don’t want to see you earning a little dime with the efforts of hours..

.. And remain hidden in the darkroom.

Niche blogging is compulsory.

I meant any topic you stick to is called a niche.

Topic = Niche

The niche is what you run your blog for.

If you even don’t have a niche, you don’t have a sense of blogging… Sorry to say.

So, what makes you an all niche blogger?

As I said, I do not want to see you as an all-niche blogger.

But if you are an all niche blogger, please drop it.

Don’t continue doing what you’re doing.

Instead, do what you’re good at.

If it is what I am good at, why Adeel has a beef into it?

Buddy, I have.

It is nearly impossible to continue writing, continue chasing and continue following many topics at once.

Let me give you an example, first one:

When a kid joins a school to start education.

His parents want him to become a doctor in the end.

He then goes through the classes and develops the interest into the doctorship and ends up become a doctor.

That meant his interest was just one and only to become a doctor and continue the professional life in a medical field.

Now, let’s take the second example:

A kid is enrolled into a school.

His parents wanted him to become a doctor but later the kid developed the interest into becoming an engineer.

His parents kept insisting and forcing him to become a doctor but he always resisted and fought back at some degree.

In the end, if the parents did not agree with having him pursuing the education to become an engineer, he might end up leaving his education or joins any other field but could not excel at it due to his core interest was into becoming an engineer.

Else, he could be switching from field to field to find the interest but it could be hard for him to find one due to non-interest.

Now, let’s take the third example:

One kid enrols in the school with interest. After few years, he started seeing his other school friends have an interest in becoming the doctors, so that pushed his interest towards becoming a doctor.

Now, after a few more years he made some more friends in the college and he found that his good friends are interested in becoming engineers.

He sparked an interest in becoming an engineer then.

In University, he found everyone is going into Computer’s field, thus, he now wants to go into the Computer’s field.

And then he ended up becoming something in the Computer’s field.

But wait!

What was his own interest?

Nothing, right?

Yes, it was nothing.

Because he always got inspired by others and not had an ability to find his own interest.

So, who won in the end?

The kid from example # 1?

The kid from example # 2?

The kid from example # 3?

I do not want to base your answers and thoughts towards the earning they will make but my main ROI (return on investment) is on the base of fame, satisfaction and success.

Success should never ever be evaluated by just money.

How many of the rich people you have seen are happy all the day, eating what they want, going out without even thinking about a second and doing random stuff.

Staying happy, refreshed, and helping the masses should be your ROI.

Your ROI should be how positively you are impacting on the masses.

Your ROI should be to how many people you uplift, you inspire to do something big for them and their families.

SO, if you have this mentality created in yourself, the money will follow you itself if not now then later.

Now, here comes the turn of a niche blogger

Niche blogging is good I tell you.

But wait..

Not that kind of niche blogging!

I meant not that type of but the normal one.

What I meant by it that you cannot excel at it if you are writing about every other thing on your single blog; from fashion to make money online and from health to politics .. and all under just one blog.

Wow! If you do it I wonder how can you manage it.

Did you get a good lot of team members?


Man! If you don’t have a team to support this stup.. idea and if you still got a team, I pity for you. In both cases, I pity for you.

Seriously, I pity!

Why I pity for you

Mate, it is plain simple. And that I have already gone through examples to examples to make you understand you CANNOT do ANY good for yourself if you are going after every single topic on just one blog…

What I want for you that I want to see you progressing and becoming something that the people from the world should know you.

You should not ever be limited in fame within your home and street.

You should become famous internationally.

People should know your profession themselves by just knowing your name.

You should never be required to introduce yourself n terms of what you do.

Quote showcasing motivational words.

Buddy, understand..

A doctor cannot be a good accountant at the same time.

If he even tries to become a good accountant while he is serving his medical profession, he will end up ruining both; doctor and accountant.

And probably end up doing something else than being a doctor and an accountant.

That’s what same applies on becoming a blogger.

You cannot maintain razor-sharped focus on two topics at the same time.

Even if you manage to do so, the world will be confused to label you as what? And that what will you be good at?

Like would you want to be recognised for the topic of health or social media?

And it does not make sense either…

Why would you run just one domain to cover healthy and social media altogether?

I meant it is ridiculous and won’t fit and serve the meaning of the domain name you have acquired to cover the both topics.

You’re going to New York from Chicago. And you have to keep going there once a month.

You have to go straight and right.

You have to reach there on time you allocated for the travel.

And after reaching there, you will have to travel back to Chicago after your work is done.

But the thing is you cannot go to San Franciso first to begin travelling to New York.

Or to Pheonix to go to New York.

You have to go straight.

Or Boston first to travel to New York.

If you ae given with choices to select four destinations to go first then travel to New York.

It is kind of impossible to direct travel to New York, right?

With it, you lose out with a lot of focus, a lot of time, and a lot of dedication to performing your work you had to complete in New York.

It proves that the human being is inclined towards just one topic or just one work at a time.

And to develop the personality around a profession, it is highly likely you will have to become the master at just one profession; to get your name out in the world.

Everyone earns money but not everyone is capable of impacting millions of lives to become better. To become changed.

In the end, why I have this long debate?

Again, it is plain simple.

  • I want you becoming an authority on just one topic.
  • Work on that topic for the whole life.
  • Stick to it every day.
  • Build knowledge.
  • Express your understanding.
  • Network with the relevant people belonging to just that one topic.
  • And .. Make your life dedicated to that one topic.

That’s all! That’s all I had wanted to tell you.

One topic for life!

Become the niche blogger following one topic and becoming a source of inspiration.


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