The Needful WordPress Plugins for Every Blog in 2017

We do have so much and fanciest plugins to make our WordPress blogs beautiful.

We try to add more and more. And install countless plugins.

But wait…

Not every single one we can add.

Because of too much of the restrictions.

Like slowing down the page speed, increasing database size, the risk of getting hacked, and so much more.

And in the initial days of the blogging, we do need to be very cautious and picky.

No matter how big is our server, we still have to play the nice and easy game.

So, my this post is totally circled around the new blogs. 🙂

First, why we need the needful WordPress plugins at all?


Rome was not built in one day.

So are our blogs.

They take and need time.

We cannot make our blogs look professional, look beautiful and look dashing in one day.

It will take a lot of time and effort.

But why waste our precious time on deciding and evaluating so many WordPress plugins at once. Click To Tweet

Not the complete data is finished on day one of installing and launching our blog, so adding too many of the plugins will be a complete waste — time and energy.

Even the unfinished look of the blog will not do a bit of good.

So, what are those needful WordPress plugins?

They are:

Akismet - Needful WordPress plugins

Akismet is the so useful plugin to guard against spam comments. Must install it and it will reduce your headache!

Yoast SEO - Needful WordPress plugins

Yoast SEO should be your #1 SEO plugin to deal with your necessities of SEO.

BackWPup - Needful WordPress plugins

Backups are the must! And BackWPup is your good choice.

Broken Link Checker - Needful WordPress plugins

Don’t let links dying on you. Keep a hawk eye on them using Broken Link Checker.

W3TC - Needful WordPress plugins

Speed.. Fast speed… And it is definitely achieved by the W3 Total Cache plugin.

SuMoMe - Needful WordPress plugins

SuMoMe is an all-in-one plugin where it combines email listing, social sharing, heat maps, contact forms, and much more.

And the end…

Now that you got:

  • Akismet
  • Yoast SEO
  • BackWPup
  • Broken Link Checker
  • W3 Total Cache
  • and… SuMoMe

So, are you guys using them?

And all of them?

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