The Money Reason to Die Down Your Blogging Interest

I cannot say no one needs the money.

Even the rich needs the money’s flow keep running to not dry out his (or her) wealth.

And the poor eventually need the money to keep going.


Here is something. Something one needs not to worry at all of the money.

And that comes when there are the passion and interest.

So for the blogging, it is all about the interest, not?

The love you need first for your topic way before entering into the blogosphere.

My example

Well, I am still not an ordinary blogger…

My habits are totally unpredictable when it comes to the blogging. And they are too personal to share about but the folks who know me from long, do have an idea what’s that about (or you may see through my old blog posts.)

I am not after the money out of the blogging.

I earned a few bucks this year but had started back in 2008.

Yes, I am not your perfect example of “money blogging” but I could resemble a little for the “passionate blogging.”

Till the very first day when I got into the blogosphere, I had wanted to do something different to become a “different blogger.” 🙂

The truest example of “blogging interest” over “money blogging”

That’s none only but Ryan Biddulph who is the true, purest, and a perfect example of “blogging interest.”

Not that he did not follow the money just like everyone but he got his voice sooner and for the good.

He’s now seen anywhere and everywhere.With his passion for blogging, he’s turned into the blogging machine.

I do feel for him as to how long would his keyboard stay because of he is producing the hell lotta words out of it every day. 🙂

So appreciate his best contribution to the blogosphere. He’s definitely the truest example of “blogging interest” who tells us to not be on the “money blogging” side instead follow your fun.

The ingredients of blogging interest

You need the few tablespoons of these 10 spices to cook the blogging interest;

  1. One topic.
  2. One smooth keyboard.
  3. One WordPress blog (I prefer that over any other platform.)
  4. One good theme.
  5. Left out with the thoughts of money.
  6. Do something different with your selection of words for your blog posts’ topic.
  7. Become the die-hard fan of your topic.
  8. Love yourself.
  9. Share every bit of the information you know about the topic.
  10. And network with the people from your topic.

1- One topic

One topic

The doctor can’t be an engineer at the same time. So, why become the blogger covering health to fashion to Trump on just one single blog?

Instead, follow one topic.

2- One smooth keyboard

Yes, you gotta need one where you can punch your fingers to craft the content. And I am using Lenovo’s keyboard as I’m the die-hard fan of Lenovo and been using the laptops of only Lenovo’s from many years.

3- One WordPress blog

WordPress blog

But let it be self-hosted. No jargons of using WordPress.com. Only WordPress.org’s self-hosted blog! No excuse there!

4- One good theme

Okay! Do you love blogging, right?

So, spend a few bucks in getting the theme but simple one. Choose from ThriveThemes or StudioPress.

5- Left out with the thoughts of money blogging

It’s up to you. Exclusively on you as to how you want to tackle it down with your blogging mentality.

Whether you want to jump start with the monetary side of the blogging OR fixate your feet first in the blogosphere.

Run after the money and money will run far.

6- Do something different

Do something different

The blogosphere is too chaotic and the majority is doing the same thing like everyone’s doing.

But… You gotta be different. You must be different.

7- Become the die-hard fan of your topic

Die hard fan of your topic

Your topic should be what you think of while eating, drinking, and sleeping. That should be about what you talk about most of the time. And what you think of all the time.

And what you’re good at.

8- Love yourself

Love yourself

Loving yourself is like giving a treat to your very own self.

Love the outings. Stroll in the morning. Hit gym. Eat healthily. Watch your favorite TV show. Care of your body so that you start to love yourself.

9- Share every single thing that you know

You have your own one topic now. So, do not hold off what you know. Just write it down for the world to know what you hold in your good brain. That’ll be so beneficial for others I tell you!

10- Network with the people from your topic

Network with the people from your topic

You must be heard that “surround yourself with the people who are only going to lift you higher.”

So, it applies as exactly to networking with the like-minded people to get you going in your field.

My advice… For you. And for my own self

Money looks easier to get but is harder to chase. Click To Tweet

So, don’t make the money blogging die down your blogging interest.

Build your blog. Build your identity in the blogosphere. The money will follow you later. And indeed it will follow you.

Your turn

I have some questions:

1- Do you agree with my scenario of money blogging with the blogging interest?

2- How are you going with your blog?

3- How much time it took you to earn your first dollar?

4- If you haven’t earned anything out of your blog, what is (are) the reason?

Still in the end… Make blogging interesting!

Have a good bloggin’!

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