Know Adeel More!

Face picture of Adeel SamiHello guys,

This is Adeel Sami, the man behind

All I love is blogging and I am so much gearing myself up to be of a great help to all of you unleashing the blogging world!

By the way, I started to use the internet back in 1998 but all it was for fun, keeping up with a handful of relatives and friends I knew in person but I jumped into blogging world in 2010 with mixtures of, and my own domain name which I didn’t keep up with it. That probably was due to it was just for fun.

And again I came up with this domain name that you’re on and wanted to get into the business with my own name.

The purpose I have here is to bring my best thoughts transformed into words to actually help YOU!

Okay! I am an aged guy, married and father of a beautiful and naughty son named Affan.

I live in a teeny-tiny village in Punjab, Pakistan (ahh don’t ask about internet’s connectivity..)

Okay, I guess it is enough of an introduction. 🙂

Go bloggin’!