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No one ever likes downtime for their website and when it does, the site owners never get to know if the site was even down if downtime was spanned for a short amount of time unless they were logged-in.

If you have a blog having WordPress installed with self hosting, Jetpack by WordPress.com brings a tool to monitor the uptime , FREE.

This free features adds into Jetpack after 2.6 update where the monitor runs every 5 minutes and if it finds your site down*, it immediately sends an email out to your inbox (the email specified in your admin account) indicating the time they detected site was down. And when the site gets back online, the monitor sends another email regarding the time site got back online and total amount of downtime.

How To Enable Jetpack Website Monitor ?

This tool is not turned on by default, do the following to turn the monitor on (You must have to have Jetpack installed).. :

  • Go to your site’s admin dashboard page.
  • Hover upon “Jetpack” from left panel and then click on “Jetpack” .
  • Head to “Monitor” and click on “Activate“.
  • And voila!

Enjoy this great and free feature of Jetpack by WordPress.com !

*It is yet unconfirmed what's the criteria of downtime monitoring as to how much time the site has to be down until the monitor detects it is down.
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Tim Bonner - November 30, 2013

Hi Adeel

I saw this feature on a recent JetPack update but deactivated it for now.

I’ve been using Pingdom Tools to notify me and was a little concerned that using this JetPack tool might add more load onto my blog.

Have you been using it? How effective do you find it?

    Adeel Sami - November 30, 2013

    Hello Tim!

    So glad to see you here and welcome to my blog!! 🙂

    Yes, I actually activated it for me on the day that update made live. I’ve gotten couple of downtime emails on Black Friday, and it was actually not the complete downtime but the site went unresponsive for a few minutes (didn’t get any db error though.)

    Well, Pingdom is good at its work and having Jetpack monitor with it, certainly will mess the page load time.

    I am still unsure how much of the seconds/minutes it takes before marking site down but things are steady since Friday and I am thinking if it was Black Friday shopping that triggered those downtime notifications. 🙂

    I will give it a try for a few days and will shift to Pingdom if I don’t see any downtime notification anymore and to compare it with Pingdom.

    How’s your experience with Pingdom monitoring tool ?


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