Happiest birthday, my mentor!


I have the mentor, the friend, and the virtual brother!

Who totally changed me and gave me the understanding to actually understand the real blogging; the different blogging.

So, let’s wish him the happeist birthday! 🙂

Happy birthday to Ryan Biddulph

A very happiest birthday to you, Ryan! 🙂

The most-awesome guy behind BloggingFromParadise.com! 🙂

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Donna Merrill - February 11, 2018

Hi Adeel,

Wishing you a Happy Birthday! Take some time off and celebrate your special time.


Elvis Michael - February 15, 2018

Happy birthday, Ryan! (I would go and post this directly on your blog, but that would ruin the surprise. So it’s best if you stumble upon this instead) :p

And thanks for always thinking of others, Adeel 🙂


Blake Smith - February 26, 2018

Happy Birthday Ryan! Such a sweet post from Adeel. Brings a smile to my face.

Osama Awan - April 2, 2018

Nice Article,A man is noting without good mentor in life.


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