Have You Gotten Your Own One Blogging Voice?

Important to have the blogging voice?

So in this case… Please, pardon my example but I’m compelled to share a story.

I see a beggar all the time I go to the main market.

He’s out of hands and the legs and sitting on just one place since I started to see him from last 20 years.

His placement is not an inch far where he sits every day. The exact same area seems like allotted only to him. 🙂

And his features;

  • I am seeing him for 20 years.
  • He’s there every day.
  • He loves what he does.
  • And he is not ashamed of what he does.

Yes, he’s the beggar and he’s totally into it since years.

And he would be successful either. If not, then why would he be begging for all these years and with the same gauge of the motivation?

Well… We all are bloggers, right?

So, being the bloggers we have some reasons to blog.

Our reasons should not be any different than the character used in the story (oh please! don’t take it as the disgusting one but that story is to show the dedication towards what one loves and what interests.) … 🙂

Then, it is equally and more than important to have the blogging voice to serve our reasons.

But… Examine your blogging voice if you got one.

Yes, only one.

The # one and which is numeric # 1.

So, you have it; the one blogging voice?

Actually, I need one and wanna see you nodding your neck.

I guess you would be a little surprised why I am stressing “one blogging voice” and not just “blogging voice“, no?

Yes, I need one.

You have to be one.

The only one blogging voice.

The need is to become one voice.

You cannot just keep writing on every single thing on one blog and be called ‘the blogger.’

Admit the fact that one cannot become a doctor as well as the engineer at the same time.

So, why it is justified to going every direction with just one blog?

That’s the voice I want you all to take on; become one blogging voice.

Take your best topic on board. Write on it and only stick to it.

Make your topic your love.

Find the change.

End of the story…

Are you the all-niche blogger or just stick to one?

My core reason for this post is that you understand the need and benefits of being the one-voiced blogger.

Because that will take you to the authority in the long run. That will make you noticeable.

That’ll make you as the trusted source to extract the best information out of your loved topic.

But bear in mind… It is the long game you got to play every day and with creativity.

Because today’s authority bloggers are stuck to just one topic which they loved for years.

And there are some awesome authority bloggers for your good reference;

Your turn?

I am askin’ again; are you the all-niche OR one niche blogger?

Get its answer yourself and decide what you wanna do.

If that post interests you, let’s share it with your circle.

Good luck!

And happy’ authority bloggin’!

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