I am a Good Writer

Every writer’s work is to write.

Write day and night.

And without loosing the focus.

Because a writer is a writer, and his job is to write.

There should not be anything to stop you from writing.

You’re the good writer for your own good self.

And prove that you are — by writing.

As the writing will be the only source for you to prove that you’re the good writer.

What is meant to be a good writer?

A writer is a writer and that can be labeled to anyone who can write; with pen, pencil, keyboard, etc.

And being just a writer is not worth of a task because anyone can become a writer.

I do remember how I used to write back in my school days.

Once I had written an essay in the English language on the topic of “My Best Friend” (sorry, these were the best type of essays to write on in my country. 🙂 …)

It was too generic. Not even added a value and it was like a so-beginner person who just started to learn the English language, would have been writing.

It was like;

John is my best friend. He studies in my class. He lives close to my home. I play with him every day.

… and some more. 🙂

But that was the school life and the English are not taught with much diligence and by the time the student goes to upper classes, the level of their English language is so poor.

They are still writing in such a tone which I demonstrated even being in the colleges or universities.

So, you have to learn the great English to become the good writer.

A good writer is GOD-gifted

Ability to write in the tone of storytelling, you’re in the clan of the good writer.

Turn your writing passion into writing the engaging, personalized and easy to read format.

Storytelling does the wonders.

Practice will definitely improve the quality of your writing but creative writing is somewhat you cannot polish with the continuous practice.

Think out of the box and add personalization when crafting the content even for your own self and for the clients.

Give your heart to the content.

You may get the help from different tools to improve the quality of your content but what tools cannot replace is the heart and passion towards your writing experience.

If you can do all of these without pushing yourself hard enough against the wall that’s facing your back, it is GOD-gifted.

You have the writing ability that GOD gave you.

Creative writing is merely the term but you gotta prove that with your writing style.

Your turn… in the end!

What’s your writing style?

Share with me your last written blog posts so that I’d be able to take a glance on your writing style. 🙂

But what I wish for every one of us… Happy writing’! 🙂

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