What Essential Pages Should a New Blog Have?

Yes, that’s the questionnaire blog post.

The question is “what pages should a new blog have?”

Those pages that you believe could complete your blog.

Or to make the readers understand what’s up with you ( your blog.)

For me, it could be just a “Home” page showing all the blog posts.

And they could be “About Me“, and “Contact Me” along with “Home.”

But these are not just these.

You gotta to add some more — some really more according to what you do and why you’ve got the blog for.

So, what pages do I need on my new blog (even older)?

First, determine why you have a blog. And what you gonna do out of it.

Is it for personal use, a hobby type?

Or for business’ sake? Not directly linked to a company but a brand you’re working on to make the living.

Now you got that, right?


New blogs SHOULD (not limited to) have the pages:

  • Home
  • About Me
  • Contact

To be stricter, add the Comment Policy. And being less stricter, then add Privacy Policy. 🙂

My blog (as of now) is the personal one, a hobby I am achieving with.

My blog pages setupBut I do have plans to transform it into a business (which I am working on the backend) and the pages will get added as per the need.

Then if you have a blog fulfilling the business needs you are getting from, you have to add in the following pages:

  • Home
  • About Me
  • Contact
  • Affiliate Disclaimer (if you’re working on the affiliation)

But wait…

I am not saying to just add them and walk away.

But they are quite the basic ones you can try out, no?

They really are the very basic pages’ setup to go with.

All you need is the creativity to create the “more pages” thing for your very own blog.

Because you’re creative!

End of the story…

What pages have you up on your blog? 🙂

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