Deep Web Browser: Top 10 Browsers to Access Deep Web

The deep web, also known as invisible web, refers to that part of World Wide Web which is not indexed by the usual search engines. Most of the users think that search engines like Google and Bing are the best search engines on the web and nothing can be hidden from their eyes, but that is not the truth. There are millions of pages on the internet which are kept away and hidden from these usual search engines. To enable users to search hidden pages on the internet and have access to them, various deep web browsers have been introduced in the market. Deep Web Browsers are different from normal web browsers. The users can select from any deep web browser and then use it for conducting a search of restricted content on the internet.


This deep web browser has been built by using the pool of libraries of United States. Here, one can find information available in the University of California, University of Detroit etc. The web browser has been built in with a variety of information ranging from databases, electronic books, bulletin boards, online library card catalogs, directories of researchers and various other similar resources. While looking for information on the deep web using this browser, you can select a specific subject category and accordingly filter out your search option.


This web browser is UK centric, but it also gathers information from all the renowned universities and places of the region. Hence, the users here can expect to get details and information related to different subjects and research. This browser can be either used to do subject based research or keyword based search, depending on the choice of users. To enable users to conduct research effectively, it also offers 60 free online tutorials that can teach them effective ways of conducting research.

Complete Planet

As the name suggests, the Complete Planet has a vast store of information for you, which is otherwise not accessible on other search engines. This deep web browser opens the front door of the deep web for you to have access to wide range of information. The browser has been designed beautifully and is available for free for the users. For the users who are looking for some effective deep web search, they can even make use of advanced search option available on the browser. This can enable you to reach to specific information on the deep web without wasting much time or efforts on the same.


It is one of the most popular web browsers on the deep web which can be used for accessing the exclusive range of information. Apart from providing information to the users, it also serves them with a variety of features which are quite useful for conducting research and getting on to the final information. While you are on this search engine, you can be sure of having access to almost everything on the internet, be it the hidden or unhidden subjects.


DeepPeep gives the opportunity to the users to enter deep web by using forums or query portals. The users, who have initiated a search using forms or by typing queries on the web, can expect to receive quick results on DeepPeep. The DeepPeep is an effective forum which has access to almost 45,000 forms based on 7 domains. So no matter on which domain user is initiating the search or filling a query, DeepPeep is going to give an answer to it. Various domains are covered by this deep web browser which includes a hotel, job, auto, airfare, books, biology etc. As DeepPeep is a beta service provider, some occasional glitches do appear on the page preventing it from putting forth all the results.


This is yet again another effective web browser which behaves like a meta-search engine. IncyWincy brings in meaningful results for the users by tapping over other search engines and filtering information from them. Hence, whenever the users raise a request with IncyWincy, it gets on to look for content on the web, directory, images, and forms. The user can also register them with the search engine for free, and keep track of the search results with the help of notifications.


This deep web browser concentrates on specific fields like engineering, computing, and mathematics. Hence, the users who have an interest in the above-mentioned fields can access this browser to conduct the research. The results provided by the web browser are based on industry news, technical data, teaching and learning resources, technical reports etc.


This web browser is a combination of search engines using which you can look for five specific topics. It is capable of searching for subjects like science, business, and machine. Hence, if the users have anything to search on these topics, they can raise a request with DeepWebTech and the relevant results from the hidden web shall be served to them in no time.

The WWW Virtual Library

It is the oldest deep web browser available on the internet which was developed by Tim Berners-Lee, the person who created the Web. This web browser captures a vast amount of information related to almost all the subjects and theories. The user can choose to peek into each category while performing the search on this browser.


Scirus is yet another deep web browser which functions with a scientific focus. Once users have requested data on specific topics and areas, results are brought forward after referring to journals, courseware, scientist homepages, patents and institutional intranets. It is worth noting that Scirus is capable of reaching out to hidden information on the deep web which is otherwise inaccessible for normal search engines.

The Last Words

Above-mentioned were some of the best deep web browsers which can be accessed by the users for finding hidden content on the deep web. Even though the deep web browsers can be used for accessing all the hidden information, it is advisable for users to keep away from the darknet which just comprises of illegal criminal content and activities.

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