CryptoJacking Mining CryptoCurrency in Browser

If your mobile phone is getting hot very fast or Does your computer fan rotates more than usual then you have to read this article may be your mobile phone or computer is using for cryptocurrency mining.

But is this possible…

In this article, I will clear all the myths and tale behind Cryptojacking.

Mining Cryptocurrency in Browser?

We all observed that lots of websites are provided their services in free of cost like Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube etc. There we are surfing from day to night but we don’t need to pay any fee.

So if you are thinking that these sites are free then you are wrong because nobody serves free of charge. They have different kinds of the source of earning like YouTube is showing ads, Facebook is also showing ads, many sites are earns through ads, some sites are earns through affiliates etc. That means they are earning from us but indirectly not directly.

So here a new concept comes that is cryptojacking. In which hackers can use our phones or computers to cryptocurrency mining and for this, they don’t need to attack your computer or send you malware. They can do all this by simple basic

JavaScript. This JavaScript will run behind everything when you use that malicious website and that means they will use the power of our computer for cryptocurrency mining.

Cryptojacking Case

A torrent website The Pirate Bay once did that when their users came to use this site they used their user’s computer power for cryptocurrency mining and at the end, they also accepted that they are testing and they did not want to show ads on their website for better user experience and then they will sustain all the expenditures by mining cryptocurrency from their user’s computer power.

Arguments over this are very strong.

Some people saying that it is good we don’t want to watch ads and you can use our computer power for mining. Some people saying that at least tell us that you are using our computer power for mining that means they agree with this.

But if we talk technically then if our computer use for mining then it will face loads and need more electricity that our electricity bill will increase.

So what is best?

I think ads are good.

So what you need to do for avoiding Cryptojacking?

When you observed that your computer is suddenly getting hot on visiting any particular site then you can check simply your computer task manager they will tell you everything about CPU usage. If your computer power usage is high it means something is happening in behind. So you can simply stop JavaScript through your browser setting or you can also stop this by installing extensions. No coin extension is best it will stop mining and another extension is script block it will block specific scripts on specific sites.

And if you want to visit these types of sites then you can use Tor browser.

Hackers are using these scripts on some malicious sites for cryptocurrency mining and they are earning lots of money. They are mining small coins like Monero Coin because for Bitcoin mining they need high processors.

So, guys, this is all stories about crypto jacking. But if you want to invest in cryptocurrency mining then Bitcoin is the best place to invest. Bitcoin is mining all over the world and you can also earn Bitcoin in Pakistan.

So at the end, my suggestion is that stay away from crypto jacking because it increases Bills and also effects on the performance of your CPU.


This is the guest post from my good friend.

I, Adeel, do not take responsibility for any outcome (whether positive or negative) it (this content) may result to you in regards to BitCoin, BitCoin investment, and BitCoin mining.

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