9 Sticky Ways Influential People will Keep You Remembered

9 Ways to connect with influential peopleYou already know that getting to know someone starts from repeatedly meet up and it takes time as well as lots of effort. And yes! Something unique to make you stand out from the crowd so they should know you are different.

Isn’t so, right?

Yes, in offline world, it is quite correct.

But, how about in online world?

Yeah, that’s the point as in online world, you have less chances to ever meet with someone in person you do want to make friendship with. And believe me even trying to befriend with someone you and him/her don’t entirely know each other is the steep part of the mountain.

In this situation, you try to show up everywhere wherever he/she is. I mean if he/she is on Twitter, you repeatedly favorite, tweet, mention your target person just so you get to be seen every time he/she accesses his/her twitter account. Now, you have found out that your target person is also on Instagram, FaceBook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. What to do now?

Do the similar thing you did on Twitter, okay?

Okay, please don’t get me wrong as I am saying a target person. The term “target person” is not about making some few ‘hi and hello‘ but to make the long-lasting relationship. And business is all about relationship, its purest form where jealousy and negative ideas don’t ever wander anywhere close to both of the persons.

Alright, let’s continue.

So you’re reaching him/her by every means with lots of your effort in terms of time and money but mind the following consequences:

– Are you in the same industry as your target person?
Yes!. That’s great!

– Are you a robot?
Waah! I am not..

These above two points are one of the few questions your target person may ask inside his/her heart when checking out YOU! I won’t say mind because heart thinks from the deepest purity, isn’t it? 🙂

Okay! That is enough. I am done explaining these situations just for the general folks. My centric topic of this blog post is actually about making connection with influential people.

You know what are influential people (IP), right?

Pardon me to explain about IP (influential people) one more time.

Influential people are industry’s peers, the men and of course women of their words, actions and business. Influential people are those who you wish to get acquainted, talk as friend, meet with them in person (if possible) and you get mentioned by them.

And this is called the true friendship, isn’t it?

Like I said, it takes a lot of round of clocks, struggle and energy to even win a single like/favorite from IP — Influential people on Facebook and Twitter. Connecting with influential people is not as simple as making a random friendship on Facebook with anyone.

Got it?

Now, how can you connect with influential people?

You have to survive, you have to keep up, you have to move on, you have to get going; these are all the possible questions with just one answer; Make connections with industry’s people.

Yes, that’s right — You have to do it to keep yourself going in the industry.

[Tweet “Friendship is never easy and never hard to develop.”]

And unfortunately there’s no defined strategy to follow as-it-is to connect with humans with heart and mind regardless of they are industry’s top people or average people or just getting started (or unborn who have to join the industry later.)

But, there should be some other ways to start connecting with influential people, right?

What are those 9 ways then?

Okay, here’s the list which I keep to follow when connecting with anyone even they are influential or anyone from my industry and believe me it worked for me many many times (but not that I target and disappear in the desert later) ..:

1- Interact continuously.
(The hint is not to spam them but keep interacting with them on daily basis whenever they post something.)

2- Keep your face one across all platforms.
(You know social media is the greatest invention to date which really helps connecting with the people living anywhere in the world. Your face picture across all social platforms give you higher chances of connecting with people and they would know Oh! You’re here too! Lets connect!)

3- Follow them.
(Not just on every social sites but in virtual world and possibly in real world i.e. if they are hosting webinars, join them there. If they are attending for example SXSW and SMMW, do best to go there. If any offline events, join them if possible.)

4- Do not befriend them.
(Yeah, don’t send the friend’s request on FaceBook the day you see them. First interact with them, let it be running for days and when you feel like they are getting to know you. Then send the friend’s request but don’t forget to NOT-interact with them after sending the request. Okay?)

5- Share them.
(Share their content, their pictures and videos by must mentioning them)

6- Thank them.
(If any of your problem is solved and anything helped you written/said by them, must thank them online via a social update by mentioning them and how their crafted gem helped you. And email them. Got it?)

7- Write about them.
(It could be done on social sites as well as a blog post to thank them, congratulate them, wish them, list them, and much more ideas you can think of.)

8- Recommend them.
(Share their name with your friends who require help and you know the man and yes! woman who can really help.)

9- Let them know.
(Anything you did for them, let them know.)

And the list doesn’t stop. The more ways you can think of and act upon, the more closer you get to them with fastest pace.

Just care for one thing, it takes time and effort but do not spam them (or anyone) in any sense and form.

The more you are seen in their feeds, higher are the chances you’ll be memorized by them and develop the friendly environment.

Don’t just try to friend them without doing anything with the idea that you’ve some mutual friends with each other. It is not the valid metric to befriend with someone.

Take a real life example where you are standing with 2 more friends who are close to you. Someone joins you. He is a close friend with the other two people whom you are close friend of.

He comes, says hello diligently to his close friends and probably hugs both of them. Then he shakes hand with you in a formal way. Your close friends introduce more about you to him and then the meet up is over and you all are off.

Now, you want to make yourself acquainted with that person to ultimately strengthen up the bond of friendship with him.

You continue to meet up at different places, get to know where he goes, where he studies or where he works. What he does in spare time.

When you have to make a friend, you first reach to them and interact. And your efforts after awhile will tell the world how good you both are friend!

Sew the seed today and reap the fruits later.

Now, your turn!

I won’t ask for your strategy but some ideas as to how you go for the friendship with someone who is a total stranger to you. Do let me know in the comment.

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