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The Great Pakistani Internet Personalities I Met with in Last 13 Months

Everyone meets…

With each other.

With relatives.

And even with the strangers.

But some personalities we so wish to meet even we are strangers and never met in real life but in the virtual world.

And for us, the internet users, have a liberty to get acquainted and turn them into the fast friends virtually and without even being met ever in the life.

So, yes! I did meet the internet personalities whom I so wished to meet once in the life.

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What You DO When Not Blogging

Yes, that’s the simple one I need to know from you.

That what you do when you’re not blogging. 🙂

For example, you have your post published, replied to all comments, replied back to social notifications and after these what you do?

For me, I play with my son, watch a little TV, and catch up with some sleep if possible. 🙂

So, let’s share yours!