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What Do You Actually Blog For?

What do you really blog for?Yeah, that’s right – what do you blog for? Or about? Or why do you blog at all?

Do you have its answer?

You got one? Or many?

Well, some will answer with they blog for fun and some will say they do it to get noticed in the world. Some will say for the living.

Okay then. I guess I have those answers now, probably.

Now that if I squeeze every answers together, I will come up with that everyone blog for their blogs to grow, right?

Is that correct what I came up with?

If so, most of the people don’t blog for blogging or for their blogs. And I am saddened to find myself in the queue of such bloggers.

Let me tell you why we (most of us) don’t blog for blogging

When we take our pen, paper or keyboard out to write something, the core focus we build deep inside our minds that we are going to craft an ever-green content (article) that will push our blogs to highest level in the skies.

The other thing we develop in our minds as well that our content which is not yet born, will open the flood gates of comments. People chiming in appreciating the content, sharing it like no one ever read/saw the written words. Something memorable. – Don’t mind because most of us keep such curiosity in our minds and hearts.

So what’s the end thing then?

Definitely it is our blogs.

We do everything for our blogs, correct? Every effort, every action and every thoughts we simply do/take for our blogs, right?

But something is not right. – We have different focuses and intentions cooking up inside our self.

While we all agree we blog to make our blogs to grow, win the subscribers, loyal readers, great comments, etc. to advance as a serious bloggers over our journey to success but on the other hand, we are very non-serious due to overwhelming with options, interests and priorities.

Why our unclear priorities make us non-serious bloggers

Yeah, too right that it/they does/do. Priorities after priorities lead us into non-seriousness phase of the blogging world.

[Tweet “The intention to grow into every single thing is a killer of our blogging journey.”]

Yup, they are.

I am not going after series of priorities. I will just cover one priority which is the one big killer of our passion – Blogging.

What is that one notable unclear priority then

Social media.. Yeah..

What makes social media score as an unclear priority

Well, because it is.

I agree that it is part of our blogging journey because it enables us to be explored by many like-minded people with whom it can take time to meet through our blogs.

And we have our social accounts put up there on our blogs so it has some reason, and some value.

Okay, I cannot deny these things and I don’t want to because I know how powerful our social media’s presence is.

But I am complaining about the social widgets. Long-scrollable social widgets in sidebar, social accounts’ pop-ups, and anything social that are distracting your visitors.

What is good then

Plain simple social icons to show you’re there on social media.

Theory behind why I dislike social invasion

Now as it is clear that we blog to make our blogs to grow.

And we do NOT work for any social media companies but for our self.

And as we don’t work for social media companies, our blogs are not up to promote their products. Neither to promote our social accounts nor we intend to because all we need our readers to read and engage with our content on the blog we wrote, we write and we will keep writing for them.

The social invasion with popups, widgets, etc. makes me fee like:

Hey! Forget about my blog posts. Instead check what I am doing over my social accounts.

Which splits the situation further into:

  • It seems like you’re inviting your audience to join your social accounts.
  • You’re not wanting them to read your content.
  • You don’t want to make them stay a minute on your blog but head straight to your social media accounts.
  • You want to grow just your social accounts.
  • You entirely don’t want to grow your blog.

Does they relate? Make sense?

In short, our blogs are NOT to promote how much fans we got over social media but to expose how much we care about our blog, our content and the audience.

Please, I am not against social media

Seriously I am not. I am just against the forced methods to let the audience jump over social media accounts the minute they visit the blogs and distract them to derail their focus off the content.

What I am up for instead hating forced methods to increase fan-base over social media

Yeah, that’s the thing I wanted to spill around this post. If for many times, let it be because that’s the very thing I so thought to write about.

Leaving forced methods in the back-burner, you’re okay to use icons to represent your social media presence.

That’s too much of a fact that almost everyone is up on social media. With personal accounts to business accounts but when it comes to blogging or blog sites, we do admit our core value is to keep the audience/visitors so busy in our content that they just do two things – two simple things to read and convert or subscribe to newsletters and nothing else.

With the icons, you’re representing that you’re there on social media which is fine. Using the widgets, pop-ups, etc. to like/follow you on social media websites are an instant distraction.

Looking at the feeds, they may shift their thoughts or probably energy towards what possibly could be happening on your social accounts and that’s the no-no for your content. Little bit of a distraction can steer them off the content and it may not be read entirely OR with less deliberation.

So, do just these two things

  1.  Place social icons, plain simple or with numbers inside them.
  2. Enhance your subscription/conversion system but mildly-forcible (I’ll cover later what makes them forcible).

And then do NOT do these things

  • Don’t embed social feeds.
  • Don’t push readers to follow/like your social accounts from Twitter, Pinterest, Goole+, FaceBook, etc with forced methods like pop-ups, widgets, sidebars, etc.

Over to you, fellas!

What do you think of all this thing?

Are you in favor or opposition of such social media popups, widgets, scroll-able feeds, etc. and why?

Do let me know in the comment!

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My Reasons of Zero to Less Activity

Why I was Less Active in the Past MonthHello folks,

You might have noticed my less activity and I wasn’t much interacting here and there, especially on my blog, friends’ blogs, and social media.

And for that, I have quiet the reasons.. which are… sad..

Some Relatives..

Yeah, some relatives invaded our home. My workplace, peace and every single thing to give me a boost to work, all were destroyed.

Thankfully, they are off now.

My dearest friend..

My one and only dearest friend in the real world departed.. to heaven.

He met with an accident on the way to a city called, Lahore, where the car he was traveling in collided with a trailer.

He remained in coma and died after a week since accident.

We were both great friends and it lasted for 17 years. It won’t ever finish because now our friendship lives in my heart.

He was the student of M.Phil., was the head-master of the Governmental primary school situated in a remote village and all he accomplished in the age of 27.

Living in the oven..

And that’s true. The heat is that much intense that it feels like we are living inside the oven. Hopeful it gets easy on us soon enough.

I had a post written back in the days how badly the summer affects me and how I cope with it.

That’s them! I hope to be coming back to normal in matter of days.

See me soon!

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