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5 Bloody Proven Steps to Solve Twitter Share Counts

5 Easier Steps to fix Twitter Share CountsTwitter share counts… We are sorry. We couldn’t save you.

Twitter made it … on November 20th, 2015, they happened to no more care for share counts. They don’t want it anymore. They don’t interest in share counts and they want to make things up and down for bloggers, social media mangers, social media experts, and social media players.

As you already know that Twitter has dropped the support for share counts and probably won’t revert the decision. That news struck hard in the industry and still kicking — good or bad. Continue reading…


When Social Media Dominates SEO for You

How Social Media Dominates SEOYes, it is very correct. Social media can easily dominate SEO for you and of course for your blog site.

But … That is not an easy task.. for sure. And indeed it is uncomfortable during the initial phase of managing social media for yourself and for your blog site if not understood and done right.

You’d then want to know what caliber it is to reach in order to having social media dominating SEO. I am gonna cover it all with real examples actually.. the real persons for whom social media is working so well than SEO.

First of all, let me clear up some more descriptions about how SM (social media) dominates SEO (search engine optimization). Continue reading…