3 Fixes to Not Devastate Your Blog

An image showing text of take full command of your blog.Do you love blogging? Do you take it way serious? Do you love your blog that recently had setup? Do you intend to make a business out of your blog? Are you satisfied with the generated results so far? Or say with the expectations with your blog?

If your answers to those questions are in “Yes”, then that’s brilliant!!

Here’s a thing. No one says they don’t love their blog because they passionately love it but the real question is how did you build your blog, what it took from you?

Does it only take your time or money as well?

Time? Yes!! Money?? No. Oh! Why not?

Why not it takes your money too? Oh yes! because you have it on WordPress.com, Tumblr, Blogger.com, and elsewhere who offer free blogging platform, correct?

What’s your answer? Is it a “Yes” again?!!


My gosh!! You’re doing it all wrong, my friend….. I am sorry to hear that… Truly sorry…

Now, its time to know how you are doing it all wrong.

Because you have it setup somewhere you are not owner of.

Why I am not owner of my blog that I setup?

Ask from your inner self, do you own WordPress.com, Tumblr, Blogger.com, etc.? No, right?

Think for a minute of your blog as a flower shop. You have a nice shop setup in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Netherlands is famous of its flower industry) and you have a shop on lease or rent. Your business is booming and you’re a competition to some other key flowers suppliers. You are making a good money out of the business and then a day comes by when you have to renew your rent agreement and then….. landlord asks to raise the rent amount nearly to quadruple.. Wow! You never ever had imagined that friendly landlord would ever do that kind of thing, right?

You now reach to him, negotiate with him to make him agree on few percent raise but he is not even listening to you.. And the notice is here.. To leave the shop.

You are hopeless and all you can do is to leave the business. Your five hard years are all wasted. You now are in search of looking for a shop in and around the flower market in Amsterdam but there are no vacant shops.

What you can do now? Possibility is that you will shut down the business and will look for another business or job, right?

Why did it even happen?

Because you actually started with all wrong approach; renting the building…

You must have to have an imagination when even thinking to starting the business that rented place is not yours, anything happens, there is always the fear to lose the place because it is not yours. Simple. I am sorry if it is ever going to happen with you in future.

How does this situation apply to my blog?

Business is a business regardless they are being operated in a building, a shop, a factory or over the internet.

Simple enough fact that you don’t own the place, you have the risk of loosing the entire business within few days if not sooner but later. There is always the sword of risk lingering in the air.

WordPress.com, Blogger.com, Tumblr, etc.; they are all like rented places, the properties of someone’s else. If you base your business on these platforms, get ready to lose it sometimes. Their landlords have rights to change any privacy conditions, terms of services or even can terminate your blog’s account, profile or space with or without notifications. In this condition, you have no clear choices other than to shut the whole business down forever.

How can you cope with this situation to never happen to your blog?

Just by thinking of the odds in the first place, during the generation of your blogging idea. It is not something you can think and act later but to start it from the beginning.

Three things to think of in the beginning of setting up your blog:

  1. Have your own domain name and you really own it by registering to your own name.
  2. Have your own theme like your own coded one. If not, a bought one from reputed theme makers.
  3. Have your own hosting space with full control to cPanel or possibly to WHM (mostly comes with VPS and Dedicated hosting accounts.)

Your own domain, theme and hosting account give you all the power you require to run your blog with no worries.

But yes, I know that things can get nasty even for the full-controlled websites such as DDoS attack, bad SEO from your competitor(s) (may GOD forbid), can be hacked, can be lost due to hosting company, can go down and no proper backups but your website is in your control to even deal with all these unfortunate situations and there are big chances you will have your website all back on.

For example, in the event of DDoS attack, compromise and hack, your good hosting company can really help you a lot. If not, you can even hire some good security companies like Sucuri.

Online tutorials to watch in setting up proper website backups or you can consult with your hosting company.

In the event of bad SEO, Google’s penalties, etc., LinkResearchTools.com is your best friend I must say!

In some unfortunate cases like bad hosting company, you can even take your blog migrated to any other hosting company of your choice, seamlessly because you have access to database and files

Are the other platforms bad for your blog?

No way, they are not. Actually they can become very effective if your doing blogging as a hobby, just to spread the knowledge you hold inside yourself. And as they are free and with intention to not make out something from your time and efforts, they are pretty daaarrnn your thing to get started.

Over to you mates!

After knowing these much of the issues and problems you can come across if you’re solely depending on the freebies of blogging platforms, still you are going to base your blog on any third-party free platforms OR going to have to own it if you aim to do serious blogging?

I am sure you’re giving a big consideration to own everything from the beginning, right?

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