Am I a Blogging Inspiration to You?

Seriously, I need to know if I can be a blogging inspiration to you.

Many know me and many really don’t.

I don’t care how many know me but what I care and admire the most is that you know me.

And I am not forcing you at all to must admit that I am a blogging inspiration.

But this is just a random thing I got to write on.

Just in the sense that I am opened and tell a few (yes, a bit more) about myself. To open up my personality.

And that what I am.

Despite the fact that what’s happening around me, what am I doing exactly in advancing into the blogging industry?

So, am I a blogging inspiration to you?

“Not”. Gimme a little time.

“Yes”. Hang on, my buddy!

Well, I can be a little tiny blogging inspiration for many. Or even for few.

Now, get through this, my buddy!

  • I was born in 1985.
  • I saw the computer in 1995.
  • Started using the computer/internet back in 1998.
  • First heard of the word “blog” in 2003.
  • Left education in 2003 after doing matriculation (10th grade.)
  • Have an ample interest to learn and excel in the English language.
  • Started first blog in 2008.
  • Kept going with blogging ever since.
  • Doing a bit of blogging since 2013 under my own name.
  • Had deleted up to 50+ posts all of the sudden in 2015 to choose the right blogging path.
  • Been working in an IT company from home since 2010.
  • No relatives were and still are in touch with working on the computers.
  • My parent and siblings just know the obvious meaning of the internet which is just spending time up on Skype, FaceBook or YouTube.
  • I operate two laptops at a time; one for work and one for blogging.
  • I remain online for up to 16 hours, every day.
  • Living in a small village in Punjab, Pakistan.
  • Travel to different cities in my country just for the sake of attending the internet events, especially the WordPress meetup.
  • Honored to speak to a WordPress meetup at The Nest I/O in Karachi, Pakistan back in March 2016.
  • Met with Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai, Abdul Wali, Abdul Samad Essani, Ahmed Awais, Ali Raza, Abdul Haseeb, and much more.
  • And the big fact that I have not earned a single dollar from the blogging. 🙂

So, does this say I am a little bit of a blogging inspiration? 🙂

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